So its been a long time since we’ve had an interview here at HT. So we’re delighted to welcome Sabastian Afrido (@271recs) all the way from Indonesia on board, here with his first interview for us. Indonesia has great hardcore scene so we look forward to hearing from all things from there through him.

Ill Natured are a hardcore band from Australia, they’ve an album coming in 2017 and tours in the works. Sabastian asks guitarist Daniel some questions….

When did III Natured first formed?, and how?
Ill Natured first formed around two years ago, a couple long-time mates who have all been in local bands for a few years who wanted to play the music we always wanted to hear, and hope everyone else enjoyed it too

Please introduce the personnel of III Natured
Vocals: Sam Allen-Smith (long-time friend, full-time bastard)
Guitar: Charlie Henderson (looks like Jesus, but way better at guitar)
Drums: Ricky Gibson (The Human Metronome: I am the music)
Bass: Tom Maddocks (supports the Newcastle Knights, Tookey’s New & Justice)
Guitar: Daniel Gibson

Ill Natured Hardcore

What bands that influence III Natured?
That’s a difficult question, as our influence comes from a range of different music tastes throughout the band. My influences would be Obituary, Pantera, Slayer, Life.Love.Regret, and anything played at 333rpm.

What’s your favorite song in Depths of Despair EP?
Probably, ‘Disgraced’, it was the first song I wrote and I think it set the standard for the rest of the record.

What are the messages in Depths of Despair EP?
I can’t give a particularly good answer for that, as I leave all the lyrical content up to Sam. From what I gather ‘Depths Of Despair’ was his personal expression of the feelings and life experiences he was going through around that time.

Is there any obstacle while making this Depths of Despair EP?
Everything ran smoothly. We recorded two hours away from home, in Sydney, with our good friend Elliot Gallart who runs Chameleon Sound. He recorded, mixed, and mastered all of our tracks by himself and we couldn’t have asked for a better result.

Talking about the Australia Hardcore Scene. I really wanna know about your scene! Tell us about that!
The Australia hardcore scene seems to to fluctuate due to an unreliable number of venues, and all ages venues. However, after being able to travel around Australia with Ill Natured, it’s evident that the scene is still strong and thriving everywhere we go and there are great people and great friends in every scene. We’ve been lucky enough to share the stage and some amazing times with our favourite Australian bands like The Others, Cursed Earth, Mood Swing, Primitive Blast, Imprisoned, and countless others.

Ill Natured Depths of Despair

What do you and III Natured expect in the future?
World dominance.

Any plans making new materials ahead?
Yeah, we’re actually in the later stages of recording our first full-length record, once again with our friend Elliott Gallart at Chameleon Sound. We’re hoping to get it out as soon as possible.

Any plans of having tours in Indonesia?
It’s a goal of ours to tour Indonesia and South East Asia. We’d love to do it as soon as possible and hopefully we can organise something off the back of our upcoming full-length album. Fingers crossed!

One word to Hardcore! (in music way and movement)


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