Streetsweeper – Back to Life

Streepsweeper have been on the Boston scene for quite a few years now and have just released Back to Life which is a fantastic record. They have combined many hardcore influences into their style over their time as a band, along with a few line-up changes. The most noticeable factor on this record is that they have adapted a slightly different sound which works to their advantage! Filled with furious vocals and hard hitting instrumentals, this record has a solid structure and contains some of their best song writing to date. If you are into fast, heavy, modern hardcore then you should jump at the chance to listen to this!

Break Free is the first track to kick this record off and within around 10 seconds it already sets the scene and gives a positive feel to what the tracks will be like on this release. Each guitar riff is played on point and leaves a memorable impression as they are so heavy and catchy. Sound quality is also significantly preferable to their previous demos and EP Shoe City (which are also great releases.) and I think it does make a huge difference. There are a perfect mix of thrashy metallic style riffs, 2 step rhythms, heavier breakdown parts and even solos. Something for everyone!

The first half of the record contains songs like By Your Side, Your Own Right and Back to Life which are all a good length so they never feel rushed, giving you time to really absorb the sounds and energy from them. There are some great mosh parts, especially on the tracks Farce and Fake and Back to Life but they are not over used and instead transcend into either chugging metallic riffs or insane sounding guitar solos which makes it more enjoyable. Vocally I think Mark does a brilliant job on their tracks and shows some good variation, specifically on Semper Fi and The Other Side. You can sense the anger and passion in the shrill shouts which lead into more lighter elongated parts and then snaps straight back to some furious shouts. This This ties in perfectly with the lyrical topics and there is a strong sense of personal connection to each song.

Streetsweeper have no doubt come a long way and this new release is nothing but pure hardcore bliss. The style and substance is present and shows off the bands talent to the maximum. I was really impressed with all the guitar instrumentals, drum work, song structure and change in vocals which all fuse together to create this concrete release. If you haven’t checked them out yet then do it now and don’t fall behind on this one as you will regret it.

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