Guilt Trip – Unrelenting Force

The UK hardcore scene just keeps getting better and better this year and just to top it off approaching the end of 2016, Guilt Trip from Manchester have just put out a new record which is an absolute banger!! Unrelenting Force is by far their best and most quality recorded material to date! The best way to listen to this record is to crank up the volume full blast, give it your undivided attention and simply let the energy from the music take you away!

From the first listen I can safely say this EP really shreds and packs one hell of a knockout punch. The introduction track Unrelenting Force kicks off and basically describes itself in the title. It starts with an explosion of metallic guitar riffs fit for plenty of headbanging. As per their previous release Weight of Abjection, this record also contains their thrashy metal style of hardcore which is a perfect combination. There are some fantastic 2 step parts mixed with moshing chugs that fall alongside incredible raw and aggressive vocals.

Guilt Trip - Manchester Hardcore

The fun doesn’t stop there though as the next track Disdain jumps in with a devilish sounding roar that releases crazy chugging riffs and pummelling drums. There is a heavy sounding breakdown part that is very Pantera-esque which is shortly followed by echoing shredding lead parts and jumps back in with another earth crushing breakdown. The next track Separate is not for the faint hearted and explodes with a burst of energy that soon breaks out into side to side mosh style parts that people go crazy for! There is a nice mix of vocals in this track and also features Easy Money (a hardcore band from Arizona US) and was pleasantly surprised to hear some powerhouse style vocals.

Before the final two tracks there is a one and a half minute interlude which boasts some incredible guitar work and nicely divides the record and I guess slightly softens the blow just before the next track Empty Handed kicks in with more relentless jams. The final track Guilt Trip is probably my favourite with more catchy riffs that builds up with a perfect flow of steady drum rhythms combined with some hard as hell vocals. Towards the end it blows up with more technical guitar work and a hard hitting breakdown. So much effort has been put into this record and the music played and Guilt Trip just keeps getting stronger and more creative with each release. Unrelenting Force is a flawless record and contains everything you need in a hardcore release.

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