Norma Jean

So who is in the band?
Me (daniel), i play the drums in the band. then we have brad, who sings. scottie, guitar. chris, guitar. and jake, bass.

Can you tell us where and when Norma Jean started up?

3 of us in the band have been playing music together for the better part of the last 7 years. but we have been Norma Jean for a little over 2 years now i think. and we are from right outside of Atlanta, Ga.’,’
You were originally called ‘lutikriss’ can you tell us about what brought on the name change?
Well, that was pretty much a totally different band. and we were going in a new direction, and we hated the name. we had wanted to change our name for a while, but the label was against it. then a rap artist came out with the same name….so that gave us an excuse to the label to change it. so we did.

Did the line up change?
The line-up didnt change right away. we actually played with the same line-up for a while after we changed our name. then i guess about a year or so after the name change, our singer and bass player left the band. it was all on good terms. they just felt that their time with the band was over. so we took a little break, and found some new dudes to play with.

I recently saw the ‘furness fest’ DVD which you took part in, can you tell us a little about that?

Yeah, that show was actually our old singer and bass players last show. so it was a pretty wild show. just the fact that it was the last time we would be playing with those guys who we had been playing with for like 5 years. it was a good time though. i guess that was 2002….the Furnace Fest 2003 was so much better for us.

Is playing shows the most rewarding and enjoyable part of being in a band for you?

Yeah, i would say that its one of the most fun things that i have ever done. but there are so many rewarding and enjoyable things about being in a band. just getting tour tour around, and meet the people who listen to our music. hang out with them, and let them know how much we appreciate them. its really an amazing thing.

Can you tell us what and/or who influences Norma Jean to do what they do?
there are many things i think that contribute to, ifluence and inspire our band. from God, to the bands that we listen to, to the people that we hang out with. We play our music to bring glory to God, and we like to be as passionate about it as possible. we just try to make the best music that we can as worship unto God. and the bands we listen to influence us and inspire us too. some of the bands that we enjoy are frodus, botch, radiohead, cave-in, ISIS, fugazi, nirvana, sigur ros, unsane, helmet, coldplay, and floor.

Your ‘Bless the martyr and kiss the child’ album has been out for a while now. Have you started to write anything for the next release?
Yeah, that cd has been out i guess for about a year and a half. we have about 2 songs written. and i have been writing alot on my own. soon, we are going to start writing/practicing more.

Do you enjoy the recording process?
yes, i love it.

You recently played in the U.K, how did the that go for you? Would you like to play there again?
Yeah, we went over there back in May/June. yeah, it was an amazing time. we love it there. We are actually going to be going back to tour the UK/Scotland with a band called Beecher in February.
What advice would you have for anyone out there who wants to start up a band?
Just to practice lots. dont worry about getting into the studio really fast. just play your songs. over and over. play some shows. practice. practice. play shows. then maybe think about recording. practice.

So what plans do Norma Jean have for the future?
Like i said, we will be in Europe for the first 2 weeks of February….then touring the US from mid feb through April.

Any last words?

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