The Acacia Strain

Who are The Acacia Strain? Where do you come from? What do you do? How long have you been together?
well, currently, the permanent line-up is: Vincent Bennett-vocals, Chris Daniele-guitar, Daniel Laskeiwicz-guitar, Danial Daponde-guitar, Ben Abert-drums. We are from Springfield, Ma and we bring the rock. Over 3 years. ‘,’
Your style is hard to define,I usually call it ‘noise-core’. Can you discribe your music for us? …and your influences?
oh man. well, i can tell you all of our new shit is definitley falling back more to of a “hardcore” type of sound, but still has all of the other elements we bring into our music. the new material is more to the point, and doesnt drag on as much as some of our older stuff did. the best i can describe it is take our last cd, cut the songs in half and make then 20 times heavier. as for influences, i’d have to say we have a wide varieity. bands like overcast, iron maiden, meshuggah, candiria, slayer, hatebreed, arch enemy.. pretty much any band that can bring the rock.

Your ‘…and life is very long’ album has been out just over a year now and you’ve just brought out a new 7″ split with Loyal To The Grave, Can you tell us about that?
yes. that is volume 3 out of 5 split seven inches that are being released on Devils head. each one has Slayer cover songs on them. we recorded “seasons in the abyss,” and it came out AMAZING. these 7″s are rare so get them now while they’re cheap! also Obey is doing all of the artwork for these, which is awesome.

Will there be another full length coming our way any time soon? What should we expect to hear? How do you’s find working in the studio?
well, yesterday we just finished mixing our next album entitled “3750”. It is being recorded and produced by Adam Dukeiwicz (of Killswitch Engage) at Zing Studios in Westfield, MA. It is pretty much a full length. 8 tracks. what we personally want to get out of this album was to make the heaviest cd ever. if the shit we were writing wasnt heavy enough, we got rid of it. i think we accomplished exactly what we wanted to get out of writing/recording this album, so you can be expecting to hear one of the heaviest cds ever. it also appears guest vocals from the one and only Toby Dukeiwicz, former singer of AFTeRSHOCK. we are shooting to release this cd by early february 2004.

Have you toured much in the last 12 months? Any tours planned for the future? Would you like to play Europe?
we did tour over the summer. unfortunatley it was only down the east coast of the US, but it went very well. we have been doing alot of weekends, trying to play out as much as possible. last month we had a weekend planned for Tennesse, North Carolina, and Pensylvayia. on the way to TN, our van’s transmission died in Ohio. so that ruined the whole weekend and we never got to play those shows. we do plan on touring the entire US next year. we already have some midwest dates planned for february. as for Europe, we would LOVE to play there. but right now it all comes down to a money factor. let’s see where this next album takes us, and we are all hoping to tour overseas very soon.

You recently parted company with bass player Karrie, but I see Jeanne Sagan (formally of Light is the Language) has filled that position. How is this working out for you?
She is doing awesome. unfortunatly she will be only playing with us for about another month or so, because she will be starting a full time lab job at a hospital, where she will be making potions and all that crazy mad scientist stuff. and you are the first to know.. our good friend Jon Preston, who filled in bass for us on tour this past summer, will be permanently filling that spot.

Are any of the members of The Acacia Strain in any other bands?
yes. Vincent and Dan D. are in XHOMICIDE, they are a tough as all fucking hell sXe hardcore band. They have played some local shows with Throwdown, Bury your Dead, etc.. I am currently working on a side project called Tooth, with members from Red Reaction and possibly Orchid. the music is along the same lines as Isis, Neurosis, with a huge Black Sabbath influence. very cool shit.

What are your plans for the future?
to get out there and be able to play everywhere people want to see us. with this new cd we are hoping to jump onto a bigger label, have wider distribution and promotions.

Any last words of wisdom or shout outs?
keep an eye out for our upcoming album, 3750, and pick one up! it is so heavy it will make you SHIT YOUR PANTS. also whatch out for XHOMICIDE and Tooth. and if you can, check out some of these amazing bands.. Locked in a Vacancy, All My Sins, Funeral in Fame, a Thousand Falling Skies, I Am Disaster, Swear to God. awesome people and great fucking music. those bands are going to blow up!

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