Just Look Around Podcast – Episode 1 [19.05.17]

Listen to  Gav and Danny first Podcast “Just Look Around” showcasing the raddist Punk music from Lesser Known Character, the seamlessly hardcore Riot At Monroe (Violence Was All We Had. ft Lou Koller – Sick of it All) , Drunk Punkers Cydernide and Newbury’s finest Second In LineThey discuss Rancid, Frenzal Fromb, Propaghandi and their Guity Pop Pleasures. Along with a few words about the local scene and the venues. They also may mention Fifteen Years, Layman’s Terms (well they would!)

If you are in a local punk band that would like to send an MP3 to Gav or Danny – Send them a DM with your awesome tunes. – Holly [@kissmekillerband]

Download MP3 | Download MPU

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