Who makes up December and who does what?
December consists of; Kyle Brewer- bass, Mark Moots-vocal, Julian Peach-guitar, Jason Rickman- guitar, Jason Thomas – drums.

On your site you describe December as being harsh, depressing is this really how you see December, and your music?

Well, not necessarily. The music is definitely aggressive, and harsh, but I think that overall very uplifting. I don’t get depressed listening to music like ours. I think it’s a great release that actually has the opposite effect. We’re certainly not a bunch of doom & gloom guys.

You describe yourselves as metal, but you could easily play alongside hardcore bands and fit in do you find this?

I agree completely. We all come from a metal background, but you can’t help pick up influences from what’s going on around you. We’ve played with a lot of hardcore bands, and listen to some of them as well. I still feel that our music is metal at it’s heart, but our live shows seem more hardcore. Besides most of the bands that are called “hardcore” thee days sound pretty damn metal to me. I really don’t care if people call us metal, hardcore, metalcore, or whatever, just as long as they check it out and hopefully enjoy it.

You had a split with Unite on Blackfish Records recently how did this come about and has it given you much exposure in Europe?

The split came about because of a friend of ours who used to live overseas. He was a fan of ours, and got us some distribution through House Hold Name. He also had given a cd to Ian as I recall. Ian ended up reviewing the cd for Terrorizer. After that we heard that Blackfish was putting out a Cro-Mags tribute & asked if we could participate. Ian said that the tribute was full, but expressed interest in doing another project with us. The rest , as they say, is history.

Have you got to play outside the USA/any plans to?

We have not yet had the opportunity to play outside the states. We would absolutely love to come play in Europe especially.

How would you describe December both as people and musically?

December is an extreme, aggressive, heavy, and dark metal band.

Who are your biggest influences and who are you listening to now?

Our biggest influences from the start were Napalm Death, Crowbar, Brutal Truth, & a whole lot more. We all listen to different styles of music so everything kind of mixes in 7 becomes December. Currently I am listening to Earthtone9, Darkane, Anything & everything by Devin Townsend, A Perfect Circle, Jeff Buckley, Coalesce, & Lock Up.

Is there a certain band philosophy behind December?

Not really, we’re not a band with a mission, or agenda. We’re just trying to write & play the best we can & hopefully other people get off on it as well.

Is the band full time or do you do something away from the bands jobs, hobbies, family etc.

Unfortunately we all have to work normal jobs to live. Heavy music doesn’t really pay the bills. Some of us have families, we all have outside interests, but somehow we manage to stay focused on the band.

What were the most important recent topics that touched you as a band and personally?

Hmmm. I’m not sure how to answer that really.

The last words are yours….

Our new cd praying, hoping, nothing. should be out very soon via our label Inzane records & plastichead distribution, please search it out it’s pretty good. Of course the split with Unite should be easy to find, buy yourself and all your friends a copy. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to come across the pond and rock for you all. Thanks.

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