xEmbrace Todayx

xEmbrace Todayx are an intense staright edge hardcore band, they have their second album on Deathwish due out in July, heres what Scott had to say to us… ‘,’

First up, give us a little background on xETx?

– Embrace Today is a straight edge band that started from a myriad of older Boston hardcore bands. For the first few years of our
exsistance, we tried a different style that we just felt like playing. After awhile it became apparent that we needed to play what we liked and were good at rather than recreate something we wanted to try. In 2003, Deathwish Inc released our first LP entitled “Soldiers.” Meanwhile we have continued to pound the pavement and tour as much as any band there is today. July 12th, 2005 brings Embrace Today to the forfront of hardcore, when we release our new record titled simply… WE ARE THE ENEMY.

What can we expect from “We Are The Enemy” – whats the meaning behind the title? Hows the recording going and is it still due out in the summer?

– Its due July 12th. You can expect heavier, more dynamic, more mature Embrace Today on this record. We did what we do best. We put all our attention, energy, and effort behind it. I think people ill be blown away when they hear it. The meaning of the title can interpretted a plethora of ways. I prefer if people deduce the own interpretation rather than me give them our perspective. Also, to be honest… it means so much to us, that i would prefer to discuss it in person, rather than hack a typed response.

Your previous album was “Soldiers”, any connection between the two album titles?

– There is no connection to the titles, whereas both albums have their own identity,

You stayed with Deathwish for “We Are The Enemy”, you must be happy to be with them?

– Like any marriage, there are always little spits and spats, but Tre and Jake at Deathwish are two of the best, most well respected men in hardcore/metal. They have always stood behind Embrace Today and supported our endeavors, likewise we’ll stand behind them.

Its good to see a band still “flying a flag” for straight edge (i’m 11 years in!), what do you think of bands that spout and preach about it, then turn around on it all….?

– I dont respect it, but contrary to any internet rumors or message boards we’ve always maintained the same position on outspoken bands. That is…. if you are going to say something (SXE or not), then be consistant and heart felt. If your thing is anti-government, veganism, straight edge, political agendas, etc… then stand behind your position 100% and I’ll respect that. If three months later you turn around on everything you stood for, then how can anyone respect that or condone that.

You’re a straight edge band, if a member was to go back back to drinking etc., would he be out of the band?

– Yes. We are a straight edge band. If a member breaks, he is out.

Where do you get your inspriation to write your songs, and your motivation to get up and play…..its heavy stuff, full of intensity and passion?

– Well… most of us have dedicated our lives to hardcore. We have been toruing in bands since 1994, so I feel its in our blood. It’s what we do. The day that motivation disappears in any of us is the day that person should hang it up. i love getting my music and message all across the country/world. I love when new, young kids in the scene ask me about what straight edge is. It’s that type of stuff that makes playing music worth it, obviously not the money.

MySpace seems to the big internet thing at the moment, are you finding it helpful to get xETx more out there?

– Of course. Anytime you have a mass internet outlet, where kids from around the world can find your music its going to help tremendously. When i was kid, the only way to get new music was through demo tape trading. haha

If you were writing a live review about xETx, what would you say?!

– Crazy, passionate kids playing their butts off. I want the live set to be intense, yet open for everyone to enjoy.

Tell the readers 5 facts about the band/members know one really knows!
– Scott Peacock: loves to play poker and doesnt hate his mom
Steve Peacock: loves to read Harry Potter and Dennis Lehane books. Also, doesnt hate his mom
Ben Fowers: loves to be a dizzle, often times sleeps 22 hours a day on tour.
Scott Wilde: collects Popeye memorabilia, and owns the Hersey’s Kiss hair cut.
Andy Vickery: could compete with Tackleberry for most weaponry.

What are the 3 best things and the 3 worst things about being in a band!
Best: meeting new people, excitement of performing, and seeing the world.
– Worst: being in debt, missing loved ones, inconsistant lifestyles (jobs while not touring, etc…)

Any weird, scary or funny tour/show stories? Where was your first show and how did it go…what‚Äôs been your best show…and your worst?!

– I got shot at outside a house in Saginaw, MI. That was crazy.

Any of you in other bands, do zines, etc.?

– I played in a few Boston bands. Panic and more recently Some Kind of Hate.

Your thoughts on Bu$h, (his re-election, his foreign policy, the situation in Iraq etc.)?

– See me in person and I’ll talk your ears off about politics.

How do you think hardcore is these days – is getting to segmented, with too many sub-genres and divisions, or is that a good thing?

– Hardcore will always be hardcore. Regardless of any genres, segments or divisions, its the intent and the passion among such a small close knit community that makes us hardcore kids. I dont care if you like the Used, Throwdown, and Embrace Today… if you show up to hardcore shows and support the scene that will keep bands on the road, then you’re good in my book.


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