Tribes Collide – 1st 5 Demo

Tribes Collide are a five piece from Detroit, featuring among others our good friend Ali on drums from one of our other favs Detroit’s finest “Death in Custody”. 

There are 5 tracks of ripping street punk / hardcore. Psychopath kicks off the demo, and is solid stuff, being played as if their lives depend on it! As the EP barges on at the same pace I can hear influences from Oi, Street punk and early Sick Of It All. Which works well, there isn’t much variety in style, but that doesn’t matter much as it’s a 5 song demo. The musicianship is solid and the vocals are harsh – in a good way, I can’t really think who to compare them too. All in all a great introduction to this band, well worth checking out.

I’d recommend it if you like Sick Of It All and Slapshot.

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