We had a chat with Pete from UK hardcore band Primate who recently joined the band.

You just joined the band recently – how are you getting on?
it’s going killer man, really. the first rehearsal i had with them was nuts; i’d learnt a coupla songs off the CDs and whatever, so we just got into a song and it was like – fuck, this is the shit! i played my first show with primate in worcester last saturday. about 300/400 kids turned up and went absolutely apeshit for us, and the other guys said it was possibly the best show they’ve ever done, so that’s really positive for me.

Who’s in the band & who does what? How long have the band together? Brief history of band?
alex (guitar), grieg (drums), fitts (voice), and me (bass). about two to three years. put a coupla DIY cds out, done a few gigs, got on blackfish, got on tour…
You’ve a split CD with Spine coming out – is this your first release, how did this come about?
i think primate put out either 2 or 3 self released cds before i joined, so this is either the 3rd or 4th thing, although it’s the first on a label. glasper’s a cool guy, and he’s totally dedicated to hardcore, so that’s how it came about.

Do you have any other releases coming up?
i don’t know. we haven’t really written much since i joined so i guess we won’t record for a few months at least. the one almost complete new song we have is awesome though, really evil with a tuffguy beatdown to kill for…

What inspires the band to write your music?

personally i write lyrics about personal events/feelings and the [poor] state of the world around me. alex, who wrote all the lyrics on previous primate stuff, is fairly similar, although a little less political than myself.

Any of the band straight edge – what are your views onĀ 
straight edge?
no one in the band does [illegal] drugs. 3 of us are veggie (i keep doing a week here and there being vegan – i’ll keep it up one day!). i’m the only one that is full on sXe. fitts and alex smoke, grieg drinks occasionally. personally i think sXe is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. i think everyone agrees with sXe, but for example fitts admits he is not strong enough to make that type of lifetime commitment, which is fair enough.

What’s the hardcore/punk/metal scene like at the moment over with you?

well i live 3 hours away from the rest of the guys, so which scene do you wanna know about?!? in the cheltenham/worcester/gloucster it’s pretty good (where primate are based). stampin groud, underule, 4 foot fingers, new way of decay and stubborn stains are all from that area so i guess it’s fairly healthy there. up by me (chester area) it’s fairly stale, although it’s slowly getting better. the more shows that get put on seem to get better attendances each time, and some kid has been doing a rock/metal night once a month in a hall which is going ok.

Who influences you and who are you listening to these days?

me and fitts mainly listen to similar shit – anything brutal, evil, heavy with beatdowns. the new arkangel is on regular play, and the new distract. length of time are killer too. alex listens to more heavy old school stuff, like barcode and rykers. grieg listens to weird stuff – dream theater, at the gates, more metal stuff i guess.

Do you recommend any unknown UK bands?

wait to you hear “seasons in impurity”. that band is gonna SLAY people.

What would your ideal live line-up be?

baldur from arkangel and maynard james keenan (tool) on vocals, robb flynn (circa 95) and kirby micheal (length of time) writing riffs, flea (chilli peppers) on bass and the guy from emperor on drums.

How important is music in your life?

there is nothing else…

Do you find that bands like yourselves get the recognition they deserve, or do you have to be on Victory or Equal Vision before anyone takes notice?

i don’t know, it’s hard to get recognised on any label playing this kinda music. i know what you’re getting at though, labels like those, and maybe good life are really respected, so ppl trust to buy cds from them cos they know it’s nearly always gonna be killer. there more shit you buy, you get to know which are good labels for your tastes, so you tend to look at what they’re putting out first. once you get a reputation though, i think the label is pretty unimportant. i mean, look at stampin ground – they’re on century [M E T A L] media for fucks sake!

What are your plans for 2000?

loads of gigging… more gigging… getting my other band off the ground, and getting something put out, hopefully doing evilfest and getting into europe with primate…

Anything to add / any hellos?

thanks for your interest, and if anyone wants to put us on in ireland we’d love to get over there!, cheers matey, take care. XpeteX

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