Layman’s Terms EP

I’m going to say it straight from the off that the record is really fucking great, this band have written an outstanding debut set of songs.  The tunes are great, the lyrics are fantastic, and the Laymans termsCDmusicianship is tight.  It’s self produced too, which adds to the DIY ethos of this release.

Layman’s Terms are a new five piece from England,  featuring members of various successful bands.  There is some refined song writing evident here from some experienced heads, the clever use of tempos and fast riffing, brings back memories of the best Epitaph/Fat bands from the late 90’s.  There’s plenty of melody too, with big chorus’s and plenty to get you to sing along.  Tracks No Trust, and Minor Setback really show the balance of melody, fast hectic drumming, delivered with passion.

There are 8 tracks here, so it’s an EP or Mini-Album.  As you’d expect with this style of music, the songs are short, so it left me swerving my car around the streets bashing the back button to start it over again.  It’s all killer, and is really well produced, and invites repeat listens.  You can expect to hear a lot more from Layman’s Terms, based on this evidence they should gather a good following in no time.

If you’re a fan of No Use For A Name, Gorilla Biscuits, Frenzal Rhomb, then buy this record, because you will love it.


Instagram – laymanstermsuk
Twitter – @laymanstermsuk


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