Hey guys, last time we spoke to you was in Belfast on a cold December night in 1999, how ya been keeping?!
We’ve been good. We got a lot more professional since that show I must say! That fella downstairs kept buying us drinks!

You’ve had a solid line-up for years now, whats your secret?!

We were friends before forming the band. Me, nic and Wema went to school together and when we got Pierre he was just as dysfunctional as us so he was in! Seriously though, I dont think this band have ever set our sights too high, we always just try to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Thats more important to us than setting massive goals that we know we cant reach.

How many other bands you guys in?!! Who does what in what?

Oh shit! here we go… Me and Nic are in The Business and just quit Deadline. Nic is still in 9 Bar too. I am currently helping Argy Bargy out with some stuff. Pierre is in BDF and Maldito and features on just about every London hardcore CD and Wema does absolutley fuck all! I dont blame him!

You’ve your new album coming out on Gangstyle, what can we expect?

100% Hardcore! This is harder than anything we have ever done. Real pissed off lyrics with a positive side and a production that is up there with the best of em! Honestly, Tue Madsen from Antfarm studios in Denmark did a great job. If anyone doesnt like this release it will be for their own musical taste but definately not for the sound.

How did you hook up with Gangstyle?

I really wanted to work with this label. The guys at the label are all involved activly in the hardcore scene and have supported KD since the early days so it was a natural progression for us. We also wanted more exposure on the mainland europe and this label was getting a good name for itself through the bands and its own hard work so I asked Theo and he said he would work with us and we were real exited. Now we wanna work hard for them and ourselves.

You’re doing the Resitance Tour, where are you looking forward to playing the most, and who are you looking forward to seeing most?
SWORN ENEMY, MADBALL! Infact, I’m into all the bands. I’m a pretty big Ignite fan and Suicidal is gonna be great fun. Backfire….Oh god! Its gonna be a killer! I’m looking forward to Barcelona and Milan because I’ve never been there but there is no one show that I’m looking forward to more than another, we’re all just so happy to have our name on that bill.

‘Time Won’t Heal This’ was your last album out on ‘Blackfish’, how did that do for you?

It did good. I think it sold just under 5000 worldwide which isnt bad considering we never really toured or promoted it as well as we could. Ian Glasper did most of the hard work for that album we just played around the UK. We had 4 tours cancelled (one in the US) for whatever reason so it was all a bit hard to stay enthusiatic about promotion on this one. We did our best for the circumstances.

Wheres been your favorite place to play

Home sweet home. London. Its always good there and those people always give us support and we appreciate it loads. Holland is always good and France rocks too!

Have you got to tour outside Europe?

Not with Knuckledust. We went to Athens, Greece which was the furthest from home but our West Coast US tour was cancelled soon after Sept 11th because the booking agent and most people in US were losing their jobs etc so it was scrapped.

What has been the funniest moment and scariest moment in Knuckledust?

There has been too many funny moments to mention but Pierre falling off stage and hurting both legs at the goodlife fest was a funny one. It lookied even better on the video! Scariest moment was the first European hardcore party we did in Maastricht. We set up and soundchecked and there was nobody around so we went backstage had a couple of drinks and a chat etc then, the stage manager called us to stage. We went on stage and there was about 1500 people there. We shit ourselves! This is a band that spent years playing pubs and is now faced with this. Scary!

What do you think of Blair and his role in the Iraq thing? Will he get whats coming to him?!

I dont really do politics. All I will say is that from experience whoever you vote for is gonna be good for one thing and bad for another. They’re all full of the same shit!

If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead who would it be with and why?
I think most people we would like to have ‘worked’ or toured with we have and are very lucky but I would’ve loved to sit with Johnny Cash and see him come up with some of them old songs.

Hows UKHC lately? Any new bands you’d recommend?

The scene is growing again. Watch out world! We got Maldito, 6ft Ditch, BDF and 9 Bar all bringing out new stuff. Worth checking out xThe Break Inx from Canterbury and The Last Chance. All these bands are working hard at the moment and deserve support.

Whats are your plans for 2004?

We gonna tour Finland. Maybe license Universal Struggle for release in the US and Japan. Have shit loads of fun and tour loads.

Thanks for the interview, final words are yours….

We thank you for the interview and the support and will see you again in Belfast but next time we’ll leave the guiness alone……..maybe?

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