Knuckledust are one of the UKs longest established hardcore bands, all the members are the original members, they have a new album out “Unbreakable” on GSR, we got a few words from Ray about whats happening in the KD camp.
Hey guys, so this is our third time interviewing you, last time was around October ’03, what you being doing since then?
We just put out a new album called ‘unbreakable’ on GSR records and toured absolutely everywhere including the USA as well as holding down a day job!!!

Give us a little history on the band for those out there that don’t know you.

We started in 1996 as the same four that are in the band today. We started as a band to promote London and UKHC and still remain that same band today.

You’ve been around a long time, did you think you’d last this long?

We never set a goal or tried to be a rock star so i suppose that we have always been greatful for everything we got and we just do it for fun so yes, i expect to be around forever if things dont change!

Why do you think KD have such a strong line-up, most bands go thru member changes at some stage? Does the title of the album

“Unbreakable” have anything to do with the band being unbreakable – same line up etc.
Totally! Thats what we are! Unbreakable! We’ve argued, fought, been dismissed by members of¬† ‘the scene’, talked shit about online, been labelled rascists, the lot! We aint going nowhere! We’re stronger now than ever. With the backing of gsr and rucktion records we want to take it to another level. Whatever level that is????

You’ve stayed with GSR for “Unbreakable” – they release great stuff, you Must be happy to be with them again for this release?

Yeah, we’re a team now. They got the most unorganised band in europe and should have dropped us by now so i guess we owe them! Also, Theo promised Pierre a tooth if we sold a certain amount of records so he gotta stick to the deal!!

The first bunch of cds of “Unbreakable” will be coming with a DVD, what stuff will be on that? Any plans to release a DVD – I know theres plenty of footage from over the years floating around? – I even have some from Andy’s (ex-ninebar) basebent!!

Its something i want to do. We are releasing the ‘dustography’ in february next year on rucktion with everything we ever recorded before the gsr days so maybe we could do it after that?? If rucktion or GSR¬† didnt want to do it then it aint gonna happen but it is kinda planned.

Have you been playing the new stuff live yet? Hows it going down?

Its been going down better than most stuff we ever wrote. This stuff has been having alot of instant reaction which is unusual for new material as it usually takes time for people to get used to it. So long as we enjoy it we dont give a fuck anyway!!

What touring will you be doing for the ablum? Do you have any good tour stories?

We going on the gsr tour of europe in november/december and then on tour with Shattered Realm in February 2006. We hope to be hitting the euro summer festivals next year too. A couple of shows in ireland would be nice!!(hint, hint) we need to publish a book for tour stories!

What are some of the best things (and the worst if you wish to share that Information with the readers!!) About the band mates?

I can only think of worst things! We have fun but sometimes we get so drunk that the show may suffer a little bit but other times we just go out and rock!!!

Are you all still involved in all your side projects? Give us some info on them.

Pierre is still in every band on the planet, wema does fuck all, nic is 9 bar and i mess around with The Business but that is all on the back burner. KD comes first!

Tell the readers 5 facts about the band/members know one really knows!

Pierre listens to ragga.
Me and nic work together.
Wema goes to midnight mass at xmas.
Our van has had 3 engines.
All members live with they’re mum (apart from me).

Describe the difference between metal and hardcore!


Whats are your plans for closing out 2005 and going into 2006?

GSR tour, then shattered realm tour, dustography.

Thanks for the interview, final words are yours….

Thank you for the interview and hope to catch you on the road sometime for a Guinness!!!!!

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