Kid Blunt

Who are Kid Blunt, what are you all about?
We’re a four piece melodic hardcore band from Wicklow. We’ve been around for 6 years or so and over the past year we’ve been playing loads of gigs in Ireland and abroad. We are Turlough – vocals and guitar, Luke – bass, Stephen – drums and Eoin – guitar and vocals. We’re all about playing diy gigs with and for everyone and not being elitist. Although we are part of the Kilcoole elite…

When did you first start playing together?

Around the end of 1998, but we were in loads of shit bands that never played gigs before that such as Breakdown, Evol and Total Effect. We were around 14/15.

Where was the first show you guys ever played?
It was a dazzling affair for Telethon ’98 in Arklow. We played on the back of a truck to about forty parents and young children in a car park about 5 hours before the festivities began. We thought it was great even though Turlough and eoin kept getting electrocuted off dodgy wiring.

Musically who would you say are your biggest influences?

We all listen to different types of music, so it’s a bit difficult. Kid Blunt is a style of music that none of us really listen to so we all write music to suit that style… We all listen to everything really.

And lyrically who and what influence you most?

Mainly political and personal issues.

For someone who has never heard or seen Kid blunt how would you describe yourselves?

We are “fast, screamy hardcore with mathy yet melodic breakdowns” That’s what punk planet magazine said and it fits best…

How do you go about writing your songs?

Usually someone comes up with a riff and we jam it out building onto it. Everyone chips in ideas here and there and when the music’s written Turlough and Eoin write singing and lyrics.

So how is the Kilcoole scene these days? Any bands we should watch out for this summer?

Elite. Watch for Langdon Beck, cause they’re the best one. They have a cd/ep
coming out very shortly.

I heard that you guys are heading over to the U.K this summer; please tell us a bit about this.

It started out as a really great thing but soon turned out to be a net of stress and horror. people not getting back to us about booking gigs etc. But we’re playing down through Scotland and England from the 15th og July to the end of the month. We’re really looking forward to it and we really must thank Amy who’s going to drive us! Oh yeah Langdon Beck are coming too.

If you were locked in a room with George w. Bush what would you do?

Quizz him on his foreign policy, show him Cool runnings to try and get a glimmer of humanity out of him.

There are some really good Irish bands around at the moment, any favourites or recommendations?

Killing Spree, Mouthpiece, Easpa Measa, The Boy You Hit Is Dead, Ten Past Seven, Puget Sound plus thousands of others that we can’t remember because are brains are frighteningly fucked.

You did a split c.d with Puget Sound; can you tell us how this came about, who put it out, where can we get it?
We were on the verge of breaking up and things were shit for us when Mero said he’d put something out for us. This brightened things up and we wrote a couple of songs. In the meantime Puget were due to do something also with Mero so we decided to do something together. We rushed it together in 3 weeks, art and all and got it out right after christmas. It’s available from Mero’s, Tower, Road and all those usual gaffs and from us.

So what are Kid blunt’s plans for the future?

In September we’re going on tour in England, Germany and Holland with Estel
from Dublin and hopefully going somewhere odd with Puget early next year. Maybe an album out before the end of the year too.

Any last words

Thanks loads for this interview and Eoin says thanks for the soldiers website.

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