Just Look Around Podcast – Episode 4 [27.07.17]

Finally got my little needed break from all the monotony in the form of Episode 4 of the Just Look Around Podcast!

This week, Danny and Gav start the show off with an absolute banger of a Skate Punk classic, “Dear James” from legendary Notts Skate Punkers, Consumed. Danny also lets us in on some current news from the Band….

We are spoiled with awesome tunes from Quiet Man, a raging Hardcore Punk band from Plymouth, Pop Punk goodness from Belfast’s No Matter (who have just graced Bristol) and Local Resident Failure, 90’s style skate punk hailing from Newcastle.

Call me biased, but was extremely excited to finally hear one of the Layman’s Terms new songs – “Letters to the Dead”. Got to see these guys play at Slugfest 10 in Abertillery and they blew my mind!

Additional titbits include a review of the new Propaghandi song – Victory lap and Danny’s weekly band recommendation.

This week’s questions range from errr….Instrument swapping(?), Zappa and Hendrix and best video game songs. A couple of them asked by those troublesome Lesser Known Character lads again!

The guys finish the podcast up with their usual song pick from bands that are no longer together – This week it is the Lobotomies and their song “Defeated”.

Another great episode – Expect sass, no sugar coated opinions, just honest, real punk talk.

P.S. Thank you for your shout out ☺

– Holly [@kissmekillerband]

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