Broken Teeth – At Peace Amongst Chaos

Yup, this is a hardcore record, it kicks off straight into the riffing, no messing around, just what you want when you put a record of this genre on.  At Peace Amongst Chaos came out in May 2016, and I am reviewing this just a week or so after it’s release, and it’s enticing me to show up early to see them opening for Sick Of It All later in the year.

To describe this record I’d need to nod my head to Death Before Dishonor, and Backtrack.  That’s not to say that they sound exactly like either of these bands, but that they have been hewn from similar stone.  The passionate delivery is there, the riffs are there, the groove is there, showcased by track “Nothing Like You”, the groove before kicking into the harder riffs and barked vocals.  “Prove You Wrong” even has a Biohazard vibe going on, which works really well.

It’s great to hear a fantastic UKHC band playing solid well written hardcore, with tight but natural sounding production, and there is some great musicianship on this record too.

If I had to be critical, it’s not hugely original, but that doesn’t bother me, as it works really well.   There’s half time drums, heavy break downs, fast screamy bits.  Everything you want with this style of hardcore.  And it’s angry and pissed off sounding too.  What else do you need?  It’s 10 songs, which is just right, keeps you interested, and leaves you wanting to spin it again.

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