Bent Life – Never Asked for Heaven

This is Bent Life’s first full length after five and a bit years of existence and honestly it has been quite a wait but this record has smashed my expectations. This was worth the wait and although I really loved EPs S/T and Full Skull, this is definitely their best material to date. Never Asked for Heaven contains a much heavier metallic sound to it and has definitely been influenced by bands such as Terror and Hatebreed. Introducing 10 brand new tracks this is an absolute beast and is certainly not to be missed.

Quality wise there is a noticeable improvement with structure, sound and songwriting in which they have tightened up any loose screws. Starting off with a very 80’s metal introduction that has a Pantera twist on it, you can already grasp a feel for what will await on the next tracks. Lock kicks in straight away after the intro with some aggressive guitar riffs and harsh powerful shouts. Thanks for Nothing follows this with some chugging thrashy metallic riffs alongside screeching solo parts that just make you want to bang your head repeatedly.

There is a perfect mix of thundering drum rhythms, chugging breakdowns and endless amounts of pounding riffs in tracks like Stab Me, Cheat Death and War, you can sense a strong presence of themes like conflict and warfare throughout the majority of tracks. Andy’s vocals never cease to be relentless belting out growls and shouts throughout this record and are met with some classic gang vocal parts which fits in perfectly.

This is a record that has been carefully planned. I really enjoyed the fact that this comes full circle as the ending track Permanence finishes on the same crushing riff that is in the introduction – a nice touch. Although some of the instrumental parts may not be extremely complex you honestly don’t need it as this is made up for by the earth shattering heaviness in each track. This is half an hour of powerful, enjoyable, metallic hardcore which you don’t want to miss out on.



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