20 Bulls Each

20 Bulls Each are one of Dublins longest established melodic hardcore bands, they’ve some stuff, out tour and play tons and Gar their vocalist even runs their own label – Fail. We cornered Gar for a few minutes to find out more.

Give us some history on the band, where and when you started, who currently does what etc.

We started the band in 2002, as a kind of generic punk band and we developed naturally into the kind of stuff we play now which is kind of melodic punk with a hardcore edge. Gar does vocals, & Guitar, Paul drums, Gav guitars, and Ray plays bass. We’re on bassist # 3 and hopefully the last. Changing the line up has stressful and not much fun for us, but with Ray (newest bass noise initializer) we reckon we’ve found what we were looking for.

You play a fair bit in Dublin. Have you got to play outside Ireland yet (- how was that)?

We played a handful of gigs in England with our friends Koala Attack. We went down pretty well considering no one had heard of us. And we had a really good time meeting different bands etc. We can’t wait to get back out there. We always have a great time when we play the rest of Ireland we have some good memories of Galway, Portrush & Letterkenny.

You released a CD last year, how did that do for ya?
It was a learning experience! We went as DIY as we could manage with the CD, we burnt every copy ourselves, printed the logo on the CD itself with a printer we bought and we released it on our own label. It turned out to be expensive and time consuming. But the CD seems to have been well received with those who gave us feedback. And we’re still selling them slowly at the gigs, we just printed off another batch and we are trying to get them out to anyone that will listen.

You’ve a US Tour planned. Where will you be playing and with who?

Its really hard to organise a DIY tour in the states, there are issues with immigration and all the bands there use their own gear, they even change the kit for each band that plays. So it’s a bit of a headache. I guess more details will be on our site once a date is finalised. We’re a bit apprehensive about how they will react to our music too. The scene over there has so many good bands but its hard to find bands to play with. There doesnt seem to be “promoters” like Toxic or whatever, Bands just arrange their own shows in venues which is cool but not when you are 3000 miles away trying sort shit out. At the moment the only state that looks final is Michigan, in and around Detroit. But theres hope for Chicago too.

How do you find the Dublin hardcore scene.

Dublin hardcore scene is ok at the moment. There are a lot of good bands and a lot of good people. There seems to be a lot of good bands in Ireland right now. Bands like The Dangerfields. Kid Blunt, The Boy You Hit Is Dead, Langdon Beck are all amazing bands. For some reason we don’t know too many bands from Dublin personally, which is weird. But there are always a lot of interesting gigs going on.

Is the split with Mellow Dramatic still happening?

Yeah its being sorted out at the moment, all the stuff is recorded just the logistical stuff to sort out. The Mellow Dramatic guys are
great, and their music is very different to ours so we think it will make a good split. There wouldn’t be much point in releasing a split with a band that sounds real similar to us. It would be boring! The CD will have 3 tracks by each band and hopefully we’ll be selling it by May at all the usual dives.

You have your own studio – Born Screaming Studios – do you record other bands, if so give some details for bands interested?

So far Gar has recorded Mellow Dramatic and us down there. Its sounding pretty good, I’m not sure what the plans are, we’ll be recording more of ourselves, it’ll be a while before its open up for business. We’re only beginners at this really, I’m baffled by the sheer number of buttons in that place, We’re learning as we go.

Any weird, scary or funny tour/show stories? Where was your first show and how did it go…what’s been your best show…and your worst?!

Our first show was with Pinhead the Ramones Tribute band in DA2 towards the close of 2002. We thought it was great at the time as the place was packed, but looking back we were probably pretty crap. Our best gig was in the Voodoo for our CD launch, we had the best crowd ever, and Murph did the sound for us, which was cool. And we played every song we knew at the time. Everything just went right for us on the night. The worst gig was probably the first time we played in Portrush a year and a half ago. We drove for 6-7 hours and arrived in the pissing rain, it was January and we hadn’t brought coats so we were freezing. We arrived at the venue, and literally no-one at all showed up. The week before the RUC busted the place for underage drinkers so all the kids were understandably not willing to risk it the very next week. That pretty much sucked. Next day we stopped off at the Giant’s Causeway and Paul found a frozen frog…….in the Sea! Frogs dont live in the sea do they? we suspect witchcraft of some description.

If you were writing a live review about 20 Bulls Each, what would you say?!

C- Very Punctual, lacking in ability but very enthusiastic, Must try harder!

Name 3 good and 3 bad things about being in a band!
Playing music you love with 3 great guys every week.
Meeting like minded people all over the place when we’re off on tour.
Seeing someone in the crowd when we’re playing getting into the music.
Driving for hours upon hours in a car with gear crammed into every available space
Music gear in Ireland costing so much dam money.
Paul’s Beard.

What’s your 5 favorite albums?

Changes all the time but right now I’d say:
Rise Against “Revolutions Per Minute”
Vision Of Disorder “Imprint”
Anti Flag “The Terror State”
Descendents “Somery”
Sick Of It All “Live In A Dive”

Tell the readers 5 facts about the band/members know one really knows!

We’re all really sensitive, Emo on the inside, hardcore on the outside.
Gar and Paul have a Rap/Hip hop side project called “The Product”.
Ray only has about 5 t-shirts that he wears in rotation.
I don’t like loud noises.
None of us have ever had a music lesson, none of us can read music, and none of us really know anything about music.

Your thoughts on Bu$h?

He is an asshole obviously, I don’t think he is necessarily worse than previous presidents. Clinton was bombing the hell out of Iraq for most of the time he was president but it was all done behind closed doors, Bush is just more obvious, its like he’s not even trying to hide that he’s an asshole. Which worries me that he got voted in for a 2nd term, what were they thinking!?! He also pulled out of Kyoto, which was the most important global initiative to have happened in world politics ever, it actually gave a hope for the future.

Whats coming up for 20BE?
Planning another small tour in England this summer, along with gigs all over Ireland in August. Followed by another CD release later in the year. Hopefully we’ll do some new songs that can be all downloaded for free off the website.

Cheers for the int, you can finish it off with whatever ya want…
Cheers to HT for years of entertaining reading and for the support to punk and hardcore in Ireland. We’d just like to thank anyone thats let us kip on their floor after a gig or bought the CD.


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