20 Bulls Each – Irish/English/Polish Hardcore

20 Bulls Each are a hardcore band out of Dublin, they have been knocking about since 2002. In that time that have released an EP, split CD, and an album on their own label – Fail Records. They have done 3 US tours, and countless gigs around Ireland and the UK. 2009 sees them getting signed to Thorp Records with a album due to be released in the next few months. HT has listened to some rough cuts of a few new songs and they’re sounding great, theres even a nice oi influenced one in there that I hope makes it to the new album! We cornered Gar for a couple minutes to get a quick update on whats been happening.

So its good news in the Bulls camp, how did you get hooked up with Thorp?
Completely randomly to be honest. I got an email one day from Andy who runs Thorp, he gave me his number and asked me to call him. I gave him a shout and the rest is history.

It must have been a good feeling, to have got the call from such an established label with the kind of roster Thorp have?
Its an honor to be honest. We’ve been going eight years so at this stage we had all but given up on the idea of a decent label getting involved. Its tough being on an Island when the scene is so big in the states. We have a great scene in Ireland but the options if you want to be more than a weekend warrior are limited. With this we can start the ball rolling on actually doing something with our lives. This is all I’ve ever been good at so to be given a chance by a label like Thorp is amazing.

So whats the plan, when can we expect to see an album released?
We are recording at the moment but I have no idea what the schedule is for releases. We have a two record deal with them, so within two years you will see two Bulls albums at least. I’m guessing late summer but to be honest I haven’t a clue what the plan is.

And whats the idea behind how Thorp are doing things now. They are going digital download with all their future releases?20 Bulls Each
Digital will be a huge feature but regular CDs will be available too. Its just the way music is these days. People don’t listen to albums anymore. Its all playlists and shit so if we only have two songs you like you can just pay for em and download them instead of picking up the entire album. I’d recommend getting the entire record though, the songs make more sense when played together.  This record will be about the end of the world as we know it. We are trying to look on the bright side of life but good days are few and far between. Get this album and share in the misery.

So hows is the song writing coming along, are the new songs classic 20BE, or can we expect something different?
Its the end of the world. Theres no reason to be happy. This will be vintage Bulls with a twist. The new stuff has balls like no other music we’ve ever written. The drums are insane and the guitars are huge. Lyrically I have nothing but contempt for everything.

This isnt pop punk, theres nothing bubblegum about 20 Bulls. We like melody and structure but the sing a long aspects of our songs reflect whats going on. We are all in this shit together.

And, you’ve been playing some of the new material lately, how have the songs been going down?
We’ve been playing a few new tracks recently yeah. I think they are going down well, its still trial perioid for a few of them to see if they will make the cut for the records. Im guessing most will make it as the crap rarely leaves the rehearsal room.

There was talk of of your entire discography coming out through SNS Records, is that still on the cards?
I have no idea to be honest, we talked to the guys last year but never heard anything back. It might be something Thorp are interested in at some stage though.

So thats it for now from the Bulls, they’ll be busy writing and recording over the coming months with a few shows here and there.


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