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When We Fall is a uprising hardcore band from Sweden. Formed back in 2003, they’ve already gain popularity among the swedish hardcore kids. In 2005 When We Fall released thier first ep ‘A Cry In Despair’ on the Swedish label The Emo Foundation. At the moment they are working on thier first fullenght album which hopefully will be released soon. I (Mattias) thought it was time for the readers at Hardcore Times, to get to know this hardcore band from Sweden. The singer Daniel √ñhman was game for doing this interview and answered some questions. (Editor note: Some weird characters came out of the backup!)

When We Fall are a new band but give us the history anyway, who started it…

When we fall was formed the fall of 2003 by what was left of the skate punk band Bowser, since their singer and guitarist left Sweden to make career by gut fishes. The band members, Håkan Ljungren, Måns Allerbjer and Tony Graaf thought in this moment in time that this was a good opportunity to reform their music. Soon Peter Henriksson and I [Daniel Öhman] joined the band.

The band got a new sound and Bowser became When we fall. After only a few months we were going on our first Sweden tour together with our friends in the band Icos. Just a few days before the first show on the tour, our drummer Tony Graaf decided to leave the band. M√•ns got panic, called me and after a few calls and a four our train trip later Tim Flinth joined the band. 2004 was an intense year for When we fall. We recorded our first demo, contributed on the Swedish hardcore compilation CD ‘What we built’, made a whole lot of shows and went out with our rented van on a second tour. 2005 we got signed by Rickard Melin on Emo foundation who released our debut Ep ‘A cry in despair’ and contributed on the Punk/Hardcore compilation CD ‘Tearing down the system’.

This was also the year when Staffan Pausson became our new bass player since Måns left the band. This year of 2006 we recorded some new songs and yet again went touring. This time we went to the north of Sweden and Norway together with our friends in the band Iisole for a week. This is what has been written in the book of When we fall so far.

How everyone got together.

Håkan is the only original member who’s left in this ensemble. Håkan got Peters phone number from a friend who was working together with Peter as a postman. I met Håkan on a party and while I was downloading Satanic surfers songs on the net, Håkan asked me if I wanted to sing in his band. I had only met Tim once before but have heard that he knew how to play the D-beat. The first time I met Tim he was kicking and spitting on me while I was lying on the ground on the Augustibuller festival. We found Staffan on Carlings in femmanhuset in Gothenburg.

Many Swedish kids consider WWF as an emo/hardcore band, how would you guys describe your music?

I would also describe When we Fall as and emo/hardcore band. When we fall ourselves use to call our genre for; post skate punk or pretentious crust. I don’t really know if we are serious with this classification or if it’s just a joke.

Do WWF have a message/a goal or just playing for fun?

Of course we are just playing for fun. We love playing shows, meet new friends and drink beer. Our music is still our way to express ourselves. The lyrics are personal but have mostly a political aspect. The lyrics contains all from questioning society, animal rights and labour morals.

What and who are WWF’s biggest influences and what do you guys enjoy listening to?

It’s hard to say, because none of us really listen to the same kind of music. H√•kan listen to a whole lot of skate punk. Peter is a sucker for college emo. Tim likes Toto and rock from the 70’s. Staffan likes it fast and listens to a lot of metal. I mostly listen to indie rock and post rock.

What’s your earliest hardcore/punk memory?!

I was six years old and my older brother and a friend of he brought me to a youth club. A local punk band played and I was terrified. I only listened to Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight sonata’ at that moment of time.

What do you guys think of the Swedish hardcore scene, are there any good bands today?

Meleeh are the best hardcore band the Swedish hardcore scene has to offer. They make interesting music, write great lyrics and are very nice persons.

I read on your website that WWF currently working on new material for the full length album, what can you tell us about the upcoming album?

The album will be released on an American hardcore label, called Panic records. This label will also release our ep ‘A cry in despair’ on license in late summer. I think the new songs are more interesting. I think that we have become harder and better. I hope that our old listeners will like what we have been working with.

You guys have been out touring a lot, for example you’ve been out on Hultsfred Rookie on tour in ’06. I think it‚Äôs sad that you guys didn’t get to play at the Hultsfred Festival. Any comment on that?

We have been touring Sweden a lot and been playing some good shows in Norway. Our new label is planning a European tour for When we fall this fall and we are really looking forward to this. We were all disappointed that we did not get voted to play at the festival. But off course we hope that we will have the chance to play next year.

Otherwise do you guys have any good stories from the road?

Last summer we were booked to play a show for Djurens Befrielse Front in Malmoe. Somewhere along our way our car broke down right on the high way. Tim got chased by two dangerous guarding dogs while he was trying to get some water to cool the engine of the car. The car would not start so we hitch hiked a 100 km with all our gear and could make our show.

If you could work with any artist, living or dead, who would it be with and why?

I would say Pelle Gunnerfelt. He’s a great producer.

What are your plans for 2006 and the future?

This summer we will first finish our songs to our album and then we hope to tour Europe this fall.

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future, any final words?

Thank you. My final words: Prescribe your needless comfort and try to live for someone
but yourself.

www.whenwefall.se – Official Webpage
www.emorec.com – The Emo Foundation

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