SNAPCASE are a hardcore band from Buffalo, New York. They are on Victory records and have released (VR04), Steps (VR13), (VR24), and Progression Through Unlearning (VR51). They are renowned for their live performances, their music conveying a message of individuality and self-realization. They seek to accentuate the positive and work toward a brighter future. On January 25th they release their 3rd album for Victory, ‘Designs for Automation’. A rather brief interview with Daryl…..!

So you’ve a new album coming out in January, how did the recording of it go?
It was a comfortable recording environment, we had been in that studio before and had worked with the producer before. we also had more time to spend this session, so that helped as well.

You pick unusual album titles, what‚ the meaning behind ‘Design for Automation’?

‘Designs for Automation’ is about re-designing your life in order to activate your dreams and ambitions and to face all of the risks and challenges that come along with them.

What are your influences and who are you listening to these days?

Modest mouse, refused, hot water music, deftones, bad brains(always), at the drive in.

Hardcore over hear is picking up again, what‚ the scene over with you guys like at the moment?

It’s going great, but it’s best when it’s combined with punk and metal.

How important is the band/music in your lives?
It’s fun and experience.

Is there anything you‚ like to do outside of the band?

Too much stuff, we are all very busy outside of Snapcase.

Do you like touring, playing live? Who would you most like to support?

Touring is fun if you don’t over-do it. fugazi.

Your favorite tour/show?

The current tours/shows.

Where did you tour/play in 1999, how did it go?

U.S. and a short European tour, they went well.

Can we expect to see you on a European/Irish tour in 2000?

I hope so.

Any unknown/new bands you‚ like to take out on tour with you?
We’ve been touring with buried alive, kid dynamite, anti-flag, saves the day, cave in.

What do you do outside of the band; family, other jobs. If so what‚ it like going out on tour having to leave these behind?

It’s tough to juggle both lives, but it keeps one busy and it’s always interesting.

When do you write most of your music, after some experience, on tour or in your spare time?

Strictly with time off at home.

What‚ the main inspiration/content of your lyrics?

Personal truths and discoveries.

Apart from the release of ‘Designs for Automation‚ (and touring) do you have any other plans for 2000?

Start working on new material for the next album.

Anything you want to add?

Thanks for the interview, Daryl

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