Introduce us to the band
Mike: Uh, basically the band is Nuse, a speed metal, hard core band out of N.J., power trio. Eric Mangual plays bass and back up vocals. Bob Mangual plays drums and also sings some lead. I’m the guitarist and vocalist. ‘,’
You’ve been around about 10 years, how’s the road been to now?
Bob: A great experience!
Mike: A little limited. We only played east coast shows. We’d like to travel a little bit more and get our name out there.

What are your releases to date, where can people get them?
Mike: We released five e.p.’s up until now and uh we just released our full length debut album in July 2002 on Cornhead Records, called Hung Well. You can get all that stuff out on the internet Go to or, or Chumslick distribution.

Why did you pick Nuse as a name for the band?
Bob: uh, it’s a cool sounding name. It has a lot of cool things associated with hanging which we like. We like death, at least I do. I think I’m a little cynical. I’m a morbid person, with a morbid curiosity.
Eric: I just think we’ve been hanging out pretty much our whole lives. Bob and I are twin brothers, and I’ve been hanging out with Mike since we were eight years old, so‚
Bob: Nuse has double meaning, hanging out, hung well, hang this‚

What’s the current NJ (and surrounding area) scene like?
Bob: Sucks.
Mike: It’s like a battle of the bands every show. There’s no local followings. People don’t go to see bands anymore, they go to see their buddy’s bands. Luckily we developed somewhat of a following and we usually have a uh pretty filled audience when we play. Usually though it’s a battle of the bands and uh the better time slot you get, the better the show.
Bob: Every show’s a lottery.
Mike: Yeah.
Bob: Discouraging a lot, you know. Fortunately after every show we have someone come up to us, or a hundred people come up to us and say, ‘You we’re great!’ That’s what keeps us going.
Mike: Whether it’s one or a hundred, it’s always positive. The only people benefiting from this are club owners and promoters. They’re doing nothing for bands, they don’t give a fuck about any of the bands.
Bob: Exactly. No MC’s, nothing to keep it flowing. It’s poor.
Mike: They just want their ticket money.

How would you describe your music style and live shows?
Bob: Music style is just balls out aggressive. Uh, it’s fun, bouncy, tight and energenic.
Mike: Aggressive.
Bob: Metal up your ass,‚ an extensive of metal. Our live shows people have said ‘you guys are a rock force.’ You know, take that verbatim, if people say ‘you guys are a rock force on stage,’ you guys have kind of signatures they’ve never heard before.
Mike: A wall of sound from three guys basically.
Bob: A power trio from hell.
Mike: Right.

You just played Block Island Music Festival, and in March, the March Metal Meltdown – how did they go, who did you get to play with?
Mike: Uh, in March metal meltdown, we played with Overkill and Nuclear Assault, which we played out with before. Those guys are great! We know a couple of them pretty intimately from playing out with them in the past.
Bob: Hanging out with them on tour buses before.
Mike: Partying with them. Um, other than that that festival you know, was just a bunch of bands watching a bunch of bands. The promoters didn’t really promote it that well. There was no local scene. Uh,..the area where it was held in was a dive, a dump, a poverty stricken town, with a bunch of crackheads on the street. So uh, again, only the promoters benefited from that. Uh, the bands were cool though. There was a bunch of cool bands. Rhode Island was the total opposite. We played on an island where people just welcomed us with open arms. It was just chaos from the time we got on, until the time we got off the stage.
Bob: Good chaos, it was great.
Eric: A simple thank you makes it all worth while sometimes.

Name 3 things you can’t live without?!
Mike: food, water, shelter.
Bob: Women, music, and women!
Eric: Friends and family. Oh course, music!

What’s the best show you’ve been at and played at and why?
Bob: The best show I was at was Kiss, front row. Um, the best show I ever played at, for me, was probably this last Rhode Island show.
Mike: I’d say the best show was Metallica, 1989 or 1990, the ‘And Justice For All’ tour, front row, Middletown, N.Y. It was fuckin great to see Hetfield and the gang just so up close. The best show I played at played at was like Bob said, this Block Island show. I’m still on a high from it.
Eric: Yeah, I uh have to agree with Mike. The best show, and I’ve seen plenty of them, was front row Middletown, N.Y. It will stick in my mind the rest of my life. To get away from the metal thing, when I went to see Paul McCartney. It blew my mind, after so many years of playing his music and listening to his music. Then again, the best show I played was at Block Island. The people just made it worthwhile.

Any funny/scary/weird tour stories?!
Bob: Uh‚ our singer at the time left me in Asbury Park at a hotel cause he was pissed off at me. He was drunk and he left me with two people I didn’t even know.
Mike: It was an abandoned hotel.
Bob: Yeah, I didn’t think I was ever going to get home. Um, we were playing Club Bene’ and we got a flat tire. There just happened to be a truck on the side of the road, at like a bus station, there was a truck similar to the one we had. So we uh,‚ just happened to borrow a tire.
Mike: We took one of the tires off the truck and uh put it on our truck. We drove off to the show and little did we know that the place had surveillance cameras. As were going on stage, uh the cops come in and the cops grab me off stage and we pretty much got arrested right before we went on stage. Luckily they let me go and the club was cool. They let us get a later time spot, an hour later. I was a free man by then and the show went on and everything was cool.
Bob: We just had to pay for the tire.
Eric: I think the weirdest thing was having an Indonesian kid sing and play for our band. I think that was kind of strange, and actually he was living at my house. Very strange‚ I never thought that would happen.
Mike: One of our Road Guys pissed on Danger Danger while they were on stage. I don’t know how we were ever on the same bill with them.

What 5 albums are your favorites and why?
Mike: Uh, my 5 favorite albums are, I would say the latest Slayer, ‘God Hates Us All,’ because it’s fucking aggressive, uh, every time I put it in it just gets my blood flowing. The aggression on that album is just intense. Then um, I’d say in no particular order, Beastie Boys, ‘License to Ill,’ Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic,’ uh ‘Master of Puppets,’ Metallica, and P.J. Harvey, ‘Dry.’
Bob: 5 albums, I would say is Slayer, ‘Reign in Blood,’ Metallica, ‘Ride the Lightening,’ Kiss, ‘Alive,’ uh, the Beatles ‘White Album,’ and Nirvana ‘Nevermind.’
Eric: Let’s see‚ Metallica, ‘Kill Em All,’ Metallica, ‘Master of Puppets,’ John Lennon, ‘Imagine,’ Beatles, ‘White Album,’ and uh Beatles, ‘Sergeant Pepper.’

What do Nuse lyrics deal with, (are Nuse trying to convey message)?
Mike: No, I don’t think we’re trying to convey a message‚ I just think, this is my opinion uh‚ I’m sure Bob and Eric will give you their own insight, but I just try and use the music for an outlet for my anger and aggression. It’s about death and uncertainty a lot of the times, about addiction and things of that nature.
Bob: Uh I, whatever lyrics, you know, we usually a lot of times write the lyrics together. Not all the songs, but a lot of times, we just get on a vibe and write about what we know and what we’ve seen,‚ just like any band. Some are stories, some are,‚ what’s the word? Some are embellished more than others, but we write about what we’ve seen, and our past, and we write about our future and what we want to achieve. Hopefully it sends out a positive message. We’re heavy but we’re not that bad.
Eric: Some lyrics, some things we write about, are negative people might say. But our negativity is just another way of us saying that you know what, we’re totally alive, we’re just getting through.

What music did you grow up on? Most embarrassing record you still own?!
Mike: The first record I ever got was uh ‘Rock and Roll Over’ by Kiss, I was five years old. Uh, that’s what I grew up on, Kiss, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin. Probably those three bands and ACDC. The most embarrassing album I still own is Poison, ‘Look What the Cat Dragged In,’ maybe, I don’t know.
Bob: I grew up definitely on Kiss, Cheap Trick, ACDC ‘Back in Black’ and ‘Dirty Deeds’ were huge albums when I was young. Kiss ‘Rock and Roll Over’ and ‘Alive’ were great albums.
Mike: Sabbath too.
Bob: Yeah, Sabbath. Dio, Deep Purple, and I was lucky. The most embarrassing would probably be a Winger single that I have.
Eric: Uh, I grew up with the Beatles, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Billy Joel, and pretty much of that. Album I still own‚ I don’t, garbage or lost it.

What’s the experience that has affected you most as a band?
Bob: Playing live, getting a crowd to come up to the stage in total awe after our performance, saying how much they enjoyed the experience.
Eric: It’s the fans. Just knowing that people are getting into your music when you are playing. You see the emotions coming out of your music into your fans and getting it back to you. There’s nothing better than that.
Mike: I really don’t have anything to add to that.

What do you guys do when you aren’t involved with the band?
Mike: I like to play football on Sunday’s, lift weights. Eric and I play football on Sunday’s. I have a studio in my basement to work on some new stuff and things of that nature.
Bob: video games, hang out and play with my dog. I also like to go to the gym. I also play the keyboard, make my own music, and fool around with the keyboard. I also have an electronic drum set at home, so I’m always doing some kind of musical stuff.
Eric: Hang out with my friends and family and just anything that has to do with sports, especially football, love football. I’m a sports freak, I love it.
Bob: I like to play with my Kiss dolls,‚ no (laughs)

Is there something else you want to say, that I didn’t ask?
Bob: Buy our cd and make us rock stars.
Eric: Kind of just a quote from a movie, A Bronx Tale, this is very simple, ‘one of the greatest sins in the world is wasted talent.’
Bob: So don’t sin and make us not wasted.

The final words are yours….
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