Most Precious Blood

1. Who are Most Precious Blood and how long have you been together? 
The Blood is Rachel on bass, Pat on drums, Tom sings and I play guitar, I’m Justin. I guess we formed in June of 2000, a week or two after Indecision officially called it quits. After indecision self-destructed in El Paso, Texas it was the beginning of the end. Rachel, Pat and I tried to keep indecision together for a few months after but it didn’t work out.

Rachel and I rented a car and drove home from El Paso over like 3 days and just talked about the future and everything we’d done in the past 6-7 years with the band. it seemed like everyone around us was giving up on hardcore. everyone was either growing out of it, or too cool for it or just moving on to greener pastures. we didn’t want to give up on it, we still felt we had more to say and more to do.

But most precious blood is a lot different from indecision was at the end, a full time band. we both wanted to start getting into other things we were forced to put off for so long because we were doing the band full time as our lives. Rachel went back to medical school and i started working on the Howard Stern show. tom was in the same boat, in school getting his degree to be a forensic psychologist. so we all just wanted to do a band for fun and be as serious as we could but also have lives outside of the band. with pat now on drums, he’s in training to become a paramedic for the fire department. so we’re your average working class oi band pretty much. haha.

2. How would you describe your musical style compared to Indecision? 
With Indecision, the sound definitely progressed, getting more “metal” with each release, even with tom still in the band there was the same progression but i think it reached its peak with the final record we did with Artie, which was “release the cure”. if we had done another record after that i think it would have sounded like obituary. well, maybe not. but we’ve been asked this a lot about the change in style from earlier 7”s and stuff to the final record. i think 99% of it was just a guileless natural progression.

Artie brought something new to the table along with his deeper voice. his delivery was also very different from toms. we didn’t change our sound to cater to Artie’s “heavier” voice, it just happened. we started writing heavier and became more concerned with song structuring. we weren’t going for the intricate math metal crap but we were trying to stay effective and stick with the “less is more” philosophy that we’ve always lived by with song writing while keeping with the competition of our so-called contemporaries who only cared about being the heaviest and scariest band in the land.

most of it was a natural change, its just how we were writing at the time, i couldn’t write the same songs we had written together in 1995 and in relation to now, i certainly don’t see most precious blood as a regression or a step backwards but just a more stripped down version of what indecision had become. i think the stuff we’re doing now under the name most precious blood would and could fit perfectly after our second album with tom on vocals. as far as the name change, i don’t know. i think about it once and a while. we’d probably make a few hundred bucks more playing shows if we were still called indecision and maybe a few more people would want to be my friend but i don’t really know.

when we started most precious blood pat wasn’t playing drums. it was me, tom, Rach and this guy Pete. so we really weren’t indecision even if the core members were there. once everything came full circle and pat got back on drums, we could’ve easily switched the name back and called ourselves indecision with dignity and no one could’ve questioned it but i don’t know. it doesn’t really matter i guess. if you were into indecision then you’ll make the correlation to the name.

it was our alias for years. but i think about it once and a while. i thought up both names so….whatever. i like most precious blood the name better anyway, and its kind of like a fresh start. we’ll let the 7 years of indecision rest in pieces and start this up again. like a fucking Phoenix. So I guess most precious blood’s sound compared to the last Indecision record is more raw and less metal.

3. You brought out a demo, how well was it received? 
Its done really well, we were excited with it. I wasn’t too excited with how it sounds, we rushed the recording but people didn’t seem to mind, its just a demo. We’ve sold about 1,000 of them already. So far everyone seems to dig it. We’re all really eager to record the next stuff.

4. Do you plan to put out an album any time soon? 
Definitely. We’re hoping to get into the studio sometime in April or May. We’ve had a lot of obstacles and whatnot slowing us down. After we kicked out our original drummer we had to teach Pat all the stuff, so there was that transitional period, then I went into the hospital for a month and Pat went to down to Texas to visit his fiancee. So we’ve been doing a lot of other shit. So now we’re concentrating on finishing writing the record and getting it done. We’re getting really impatient.

5. I know that with Indecision the touring schedule was very busy, Are Most precious blood doing many shows? 
We’ve only played 10 or 12 shows so far. Indecision was a machine. We did about 9 months of touring a year, it was crazy. I don’t think MPB will ever do that much touring but we are going to go out once the record comes out and hopefully do a few shows overseas.

6. What’s like playing with Tom again after so long? 
Its a lot of fun, the whole vibe of the band is just no stress, no pressure, just fun and that’s what we were all looking for. The last few months of Indecision was really stressful and tense, and we needed a break from that. We needed to make music fun again. Playing with Tom is great because he and I always worked well together with song writing. He has a great ear for lyric placement and vocal patterns.

A lot of songs I’ll hand him pages and pages of  lyrics and he’ll turn it into something resembling a song. That’s a lot of fun. The main reason why Indecision and Tom went there separate ways was because he didn’t want to tour 9 months a year, it wasn’t anything with
creativity or anything really.

7. Will you be playing some of the older Indecision songs in your set or is it just the new stuff? 
We do both. If we play 11 songs, 4 of them are Indecision tunes. We’ll probably always do the Indecision stuff even once we have 20 “most precious blood” songs.

8. What’s the NYHC scene like at the moment? Are there any good up and coming bands in your area? 
NYHC is back on the resurgence again, there are lots of shows and a lot of good bands. I don’t think the scene here is back to how it was in say 1995-1997 but the violence that reappeared in 1998 is gone again and things are looking better now.

9. So do you think that Most precious blood will ever play Ireland????(hint, hint)
I hope so!!!!!!!!! We’ve got to make it happen!

Please contact us at…
PO BOX 581

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