The Ironbound-NYC debut album, With a Brick, consists of members of Maximum Penalty, Sick Of It All (SOIA), Killing Time/Raw Deal and Chronic Fear. Five of the songs feature Pete Koller (guitar) and Craig Setari (bass) from SOIA, along with Jimmy Willams (drums) from M.P., Rich McLoughlin (guitar) from Killing Time/Raw Deal & M.P., and myself Dr. Thomaso Skorupski (vocals) formerly the drummer for Chronic Fear. The remaining five songs include Sean O’Brien (bass) from Killing Time/Raw Deal replacing Craig. They are currently playing shows show check out their site for dates. 
Ironbound NYC are a new band but give us the history anyway, who started it, how everyone got together
– I wanted to do this project for the past 3 years and I thought of the guys that would be in my opinion the best people to work with and I have longstanding relationships with everyone in the band and basically we started with Jim Williams (Maximum Penalty {MP}) and Rich McGloughlin (Killing Time {KT}) and then we asked Pete Koller and Craig Ahead (SOIA) to play on the first 5 tracks of the CD. So this is how it all started.

How did you get Pete and Craig in for some of the album, the must be busy themselves with the new SOIA album on its way and all the playing they do, its a pity they wont be able to any touring with you….. maybe a local show? How did the recording of it go, any headaches, funny stories

– It was tuff to get them away from their busy schedule but as good friends, they were there for me and without them it would not have had the attention that it has gotten so far.. Also, I told them that since I am the SOIA band physician that if they didn’t do it , they would no longer be able to have me treat them for their medical problems (LOL)… Anyway, we are all old fucks and they did the first half of the CD without any problem. Actually, Craig came up with the chorus on “With A Brick”… It was funny, I was stuck lyrics for that song an Craig being the spontaneous guy that he is said during the vocal sessions, “yo, just say hit you in the face with a fucking brick, PUNK”… And low and behold, it worked like magic.. Also, we spent a lot of time fucking around talking about old stories from the pat 20 years of shows and shit like that.. It was a great time recording just hanging and reminiscing on the old days, etc… Unfortunately, Pete and Craig will not be playing shows with us due to SOIA being fulltime and the deal was for them to help me get the band off the ground.

The albums out a little while now, hows it going down?

– well it took off in Japan really well the first week and in the states it has been selling about 30-40 copies a week according to Thorp Records. In Europe it was released a month later and looks like it is doing well….

What touring is planned?

– Yes, we will be going to Europe in the fall and are doing as many local shows as possible and trying to go to Virginia and East Coast states. We would love to go to south America especially Brazil… So hopefully this will happen in the fall as well.

You must be really happy to have hooked up with Andy and Thorp, it seems to be the best hardcore label around at the moment.

– Andy has been great to us and we are happy to see the vast amount of stores it is out in like FYE, Hot Topic and most other chains.. Also, the press has been good to usdoing articles on us and also focusing on me being a physician and playing in a hardcore band..

What’s it like being a hardcore band in NYC?

– It rules to play with everybody who has been on the record and now we have Sean O’Brien (KT) playing bass fulltime and Rob DeFroscia playing second guitar fulltime (formerly of Breakdown and Lethal Aggression). Overall, I feel I have some of the greatest NYHC players behind me and also my best friends so what more could I ask for in a band!!!

How much have you got to play since the album came out, how were the shows? And what kind of reaction do you get?
– Well, we started off slow and played a couple of smaller shows in NJ and in June we will be playing with D.R.I. at BB Kings (NYC) on 6/11/06 and then at CBGBs (NYC) on 6/18/06 with Leeway, Maximum Penalty and Inhuman. I will be having some necessary foot surgery the day after the Leeway show and then six weeks later we will be back and hopefully playing the Crumbsuckers reunion show at BB Kings in September, so I am fired up.. The response has been great and I feel it will only get better.

Does the band have a message, or is just about getting out there and playing? Where do you get your ideas and inspiration for the lyrics?

– The message is pure and simple, “Stay true to your roots and stay hardcore.” Of course the glory is playing live and feeling the vibe from the people. As the former drummer for “Chronic Fear” (an old 80s NJ based HC band) and now being the front man for IRONBOUND NYC, it adds a lot of stress to play with the boys so Ism honored and respectful of what I have been given an opportunity to be involved with. My lyrics come from the heart and my experience in life and how life affects me.

Thomaso, whats it like to go from being behind the drum kit in Chronic Fear to being out front on vocals?

– It is a dramatic change… I was nervous in the beginning but he guys really encouraged me to feel the vibe and let loose.. We have a great presence on stage and I am looking forward to the bigger shows…

What’s being the best hardcore show you’ve been at or played at? And what is your first hardcore memory?
– The best show was probably the 1st Hardcore Super Bowl in the 90s.. My first memory was when Lenny from a NJ based band called “Bedlam” took me to see Agnostic Front, NYC Mayhem (Craig’s band) and Mental Abuse at “The Show Place” in Dover, NJ…After that at the age of 15 (now I am 37 years old) I was sold and never turned back…..

Are you or the band political? Whats your view on George Bush?

– Funny that you ask that… We have many differing views in our band, Jim Williams is a practicing Muslim and very liberal, Rob DeFroscia is conservative and a huge George Bush fan and I am sick of politics and think most politicians’ are all full of shit.. It seems that the best bullshit artist wins elections. I used to be Republican but since I am a physician and everybody thinks I am rich I am affected by taxes like everyone else… I get pounded each pay day with greater than 33% taken out of my paycheck.. I have a huge debt from both med school and pharmacy school so I struggle like most do but I am thankful for the position I am in.. I hope things work out for our country but it doesn’t look so good currently…

Tell the readers 5 facts about the band/members know one really knows!

– Rob DeFroscia is fireman in Newark, NJ and will do anything to save a life and any cost to himself which is highly honorable.. He also wants to have a Hardcore/Blues band on the side because he loves the combination.
– Jim Williams is in to cars and has his Lexus “Lucy” which he takes to big car shows nationwide
– Sean O’Brien is so Irish that he often wears an Irish flag onstage and stage dives while playing live
– Rich McGloughlin is a complete computer geek and knows everything about the latest technology and he plans on being the next Bill Gates
– I (Thomaso) may be a practicing physician, but I want to move my practice to “General Hospital”, you know the soap opera… I guess I may be delusional….

Do you think the hardcore scene has become watered down, not what it was? A place where style is more important than the scene – given all the emo-screamo-haircut bands that get on music tv, and all the really great stuff gets ignored?

– Yes, I think this is true. however, what Jamey Jasta has been able to do for MTV2 has been a great breakthrough for all of us.. I hope this trend grows and hardcore gets more well deserved attention…

Is there anything in the scene that pisses you off or that you’d like to see changed?

– I hate the pop-punk shit and hope that hardcore grows into what it once was…

Thomaso, am I right in saying that you are a doctor, currently in a Pain Management and Addiction unit? Whats it like juggling a demanding job like that, and having to record and tour in a hardcore band? What do your colleagues make of the other side of your life, they come to any shows?! Have you ever had to use your doctor side while at a hardcore show?! What do the other guys do away from the band?
– I am a physician to many HC bands who are on the road like when they get sick, I can call them in meds to get over their aliments. So I feel that it is great for me to be able to help those guys on the road and be able to down to earth with people I treat medically. It is hard to do all the things I am hardcore through and through and try to not please one group of people one way or the other to accept me. I am looked at in a different way by some colleagues but most people think it is great that I have a love for something other than just medicine.. I love being as doctor but I am what most people in the scene call “Thomaso, the hardcore M.D. or as Rich puts it, DRT (Doctor Thomaso).. At shows I have helped kids who get fucked up in the pit or who have had too much of certain substances.. so I feel being there and being able to help it a plus… Some people I work with always say they will come to a show but most people just talk shit… As for everybody else, rob De is a fireman, rich is a computer Tech, Sean is a jack of all trades and jimmy runs clubs and does security and also works for I Scream Records…

Thanks for the interview Thomaso, hopefully we’ll see you guys this side of the Atlantic, the final words are yours…

– Thank you so much

Ironbound-NYC, With a Brick, is available now on Thorp Records – check it out !!!

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