Guns Up!

Guns Up! Puts their guns down peacefully.  I had the chance to sit down with Mike Kinlin, guitarist of Guns Up! To talk about the break up and final tour of the band.

How has the tour gone for Outlive(2006 1917 Records)? Has it been everything the band thought and wanted it to be? We’re there any problem either within the band or outside during tour?
Touring for “Outlive” was reinvigorating. We were playing new material that we really had our heads and our hearts behind, and seeing people react to these songs so quickly after the record dropped was just amazing. I remember playing our last show in Germany, looking out into the crowd, and just taking this mental photograph of all these German kids singing along and going crazy during our set. I can’t really explain how something like that makes you feel. It’s surreal, and I’m eternally greatfull for having that opportunity.

How was the ending of Guns UP! determined? Was it a mutual agreement or by members? I saw on the bulletins and notices that you guys had reached what you wanted to with the band, but it really wasn’t to specific in why you guys broke up. Is everyone still planning on being part of each others lives and do you think there will be any reunion shows sometime in the future?

Neil Young said that it’s better to burn out than to fade away.‚Äù The agreement between all of us was about as mutual and democratic as something like that can be, because deep down inside every member knows that it’s best to go out when you’re on top of the game – to quit while you’re ahead. And this isn’t a copout; anyone that’s thrown themselves headlong into their own art will tell you how important it is to them (to us, I’m saying) that you retain the integrity and honesty that you started out with. Guns Up isn’t something that we can half ass. Everyone’s going to reach a breaking point when they start trying to balance a huge commitment like GU! alongside work, school, girlfriends (sad but true, sorry), and a host other responsibilities. We did this for four years and most recently we decided that this balancing act was finally going to be over for us, and it’s safe to say that we all still love one another very much.

Does the band or any of the members regret doing or not doing anything over the past four years?

Honestly, I would’ve liked to make it to Austrailia. Other than that? Fuck no. No regrets, no shame. We’ve been blessed as a band and as individuals for what we’ve been able to experience the past four and a half years. Hardcore’s been very, very good to us, and we only hope we made some sort of lasting impression.

Guns Up! has done so much and influenced so many bands. They are truly at the top of the game. They’ve done almost everything the wanted to accomplish as a band. They will still remain a family always remain a milestones in the hardcore scene.

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