Fire At Will – 12″ album pre-orders

FIRE AT WILL released their album ‘Life Goes On’ back in April. It is now being released on limited edition 12″ vinyl and pre-order is now available from KROD RECORDS (Europe) and CHORUS OF ONE RECORDS (USA). It comes out 14th September.

You can order it here:  

FIRE AT WILL – Life Goes On LP
14.90 EUR

1. Life Goes On
2. Siren Song
3. A Promise Is a Debt
4. Walk the Line
5. Insert Coins
6. Nice Guys Finish Last
7. Light In, Light Out
8. Don’t Take it For Granted
9. Holding Hands
10. Unknown Chapter

Format: LP vinyl (color)
Limited edition: 500 (400 EUROPE / 100 AMERICA)

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