Death in Custody – The End Result

Its been a while I’ve done a review since I shut that part of Hardcore Time down, due to total lack of time so I will keep this brief and short so as not to bore you!

Death In Custody have been around since 2002, we were introduced to them with  “Infected with Rage” around  2007. So last year they released “The End Result” which their drummer Ali (who was/is part of HT, check out our interview section for some great ones done by him) has kindly sent me.

It kicks off with “Hardcore”, the perfect entry for the first half dozen tracks; heavy, intense, raw, back ups, fast, and plenty of grooves throughout.

Midway through is “Linwood Express” which has a great oi sound to it, you’ll be singing along to ‘this is what happens in the city of hate….’. Next up, “The Bottle Never Says No” continues the oi sound, maybe a bit more punk, really fast and great gang vocals THE BOTTLE NEVER SAYS NO! “Get Over It” again continues with a great punk-oi sound, plenty of OI OI OIs! Great placement of those three in the middle of the album. After these things return to a more hardcore sound to finish off the remaining tracks.

Apart from one track they all come in around the 1-2min mark (one 3min), the way it should be. If you’re pushing 4min a song you’re a metal band! If I had to pick one track, “Pawn” or “Carbomb” or “Linwood Express”…or……! Great stuff! “Infected with Rage” got played often here, so its nice to have a new one.


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