Carried Away – Demo 16

Carried Away are a new hardcore band from Pennyslvania USA and what a debut record they have just released! Their demo is a 5 track beast of a record! It is clear there are some influences from bands like Mental, Wrong Answer and Righteous Jams among many others and specialises in fast paced, metallic, aggressive hardcore, just how it should be played. Filled with pure energy and adrenaline this record has some extremely catchy guitar riffs that makes you want to bang your head all day.

The recording quality is quite decent for a first release which makes the instrumental parts deliver more of an impact. Each song is well structured and the guitar chords mixed with rapid drum rhythms works perfectly together. The first track Let it Go cuts in with a nice guitar build up that rings out giving time for the vocalists raw, pissed off screams to kick in. There are some really memorable grooving melodies and two step parts on this song and this follows on into the next track Don’t Look. For this style of hardcore I think that the vocals sound perfect alongside the instrumental parts and you can really sense the anger and rage that is present.

After listening to this record a few times my favourite track is definitely Never Enough which seems to be the most aggressive out of the 5 and is complete with a short introduction building into some perfect mosh material. Towards the end of this song it had me screaming along ‘NEVER ENOUGH!’ Memories is the final track and starts with some guitar melodies that quickly disappear to make way for more rip roaring guitars and swift drum beats that never get tiring.

This record definitely has an early to mid 2000’s feel to it so if you love hardcore from this era then this is exactly what you want to be listening to. It’s hard hitting, angry and fast paced which leaves every track enjoyable to listen to. Definitely do not sleep on this one!

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