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Introduce yourself to our readers – Who are you and what do you do for Breakout?
My name is Peter Hansen. I’m from the east bay. I run breakout records with a few partners. But Breakout is mostly my gig.

When did Breakout first start, and who started it up?

Breakout was a fanzine started by my best and long time friend Colby Buzzell in 1996. (It is the very same magazine that will be making its come back in november!) This was around the time that hardcore was just started to resurface in california. Bands like redemption 87, Second coming,the hoods, powerhouse, afi, rely, and others were playing. It was a very exciting time. Anyhow, in ’98 Colby and I decided to turn the fanzine into a record label. Our first release was a comp called california hardcore: a call to arms. The rest is history.

How many people are involved with the label?

There are about three main people involved in the label. Not to sound like a commie, but Breakout is sort of a collective thing. Its not run like a normal record label. We run the label much like +/- does. We dont sign bands. We dont retain rights to the music. Breakout is a licensee which is set up to help bands get out there.

Do you concentrate on a certain style of music?

Not really. I like to have a variety of different sounding bands. Breakout isnt a Fat wreckords thing. We dont turn every band into the same same thing.

How do you pick bands for your label?
Sound and live performance mainly. Im friends with everyone Ive done business with. Thats pretty Important to me.

Which of Breakout’s bands do you personally like the most?

I love all the bands that Ive ever supported. I support them for that very reason. Its kind of a mutual admiration society. So that question is a little hard to answer. I dont have any favorites, although I will say that the hoods have done alot for Breakout. Its amazing how nine short minutes of classic hardcore (the alone ep) has done so much.

What is the most popular band on Breakout at the moment?
Sworn vengeance is blowing up right now. Theyre new album is moving like crazy. Theyre a great band. I call them ‘slayer style sxe’

How much does Breakout do in Europe?

Unfortunately not much. Im always looking for distro over there. So if anyone is reading this, get in touch

What about Breakouts plans for the future? New Bands?
We’re are working on a band called LOWLIFE from the east bay. The full length album should be out soon. I describe them as a cross between hatebreed and skarhead. Im excited about that.

What you think about the internet with regards to hardcore, do you think it helps it out ? Does the Breakout website help at all?

Yes, of course. Hardcore music in general is still a very underground thing. So I think the internet is an asset to hard working bands, labels, and fans.

Final Words?

Support your local bands. Get the word out on them. check out the website at

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