Born from Pain

Born from Pain, are an amazing hardcore/metalcore band from Holland. They have a few CDs out on Gangstyle Records “Immortality”, “Reclaiming The Crown”, a split with Redline, and numerous compilations. “Sands of Time”, again out on the excellent Gangstyle Records, is out now (May) and they have an upcoming tour with Madball.
How would you describe the style BFP plays?
The style we play is hardcore with a big metal influence. With influences ranging from older New York hardcore to trash metal to modern day New York hardcore to metal… Basically everything in between these styles…

You played 5 shows in Ireland at the end 2002, how did those go?
Not every show was packed, though the people that were at the shows made those shows cool. For me it was the first time in Ireland, so I was pretty excited to be going there. We played Derry, Belfast, Dublin, Limerick and Cork and I liked every second of these dates.

You’ve done a Euro tour with Hatebreed, and the Resistance Tour, how were those tours?
Those tours were great. We had the opportunity to play in front of bigger crowds outside the Benelux so that was cool. Plus we got the chance of going on tour with a few of the most influential bands in the hardcore scene. I and I think I speak on behalf of everyone, learned a lot from those tours.

What can we expect from the upcoming album “Sands Of Time”?
Hmmmm, what can you expect. The sound quality of these recordings are a lot better than anything we ever did with the band. This is actually the first time I’m satisfied with the recordings. The songs are more straight up, there’s more fast parts, the stomping parts stomp more, the mosh parts mosh more… Etc. Lyrically the lyrics evolved into a more basic, in your face kinda lyrics. More people will understand these lyrics better.

Name 3 things you can’t live without?!
My loved ones (Kim, mom, dad, Born From Pain, friends),
The primary needs (food, shelter, air)

Name 3 things the world would be better without?
George Bush, War and long nightly drives in uncomfortable vans

What do you guys do when you aren’t involved with the band?
I study part time and work part time with research and marketing
Rob is a computer networks teacher
Stefan studies part time and does Desk Top Publishing
Karl works for Theo at Gangstyle records
Pieter works as a printer at a print office

Where was your first show and how did it go…whats been your best show,…and your worst? !
The first ever show we played was 23rd of august 1997 in “de Oefenbunker” in Landgraaf this was a home town gig. People had high hopes for us, we played a good set for a beginning band, but that was we practised the whole month of august, every single day.

The worst show we played was in Brussels also in 1997, I had laryngitis so my throat was killing me, the guitarist had problems with his guitar… Man did we suck…
The best show, lately we’ve been doing nothing but good shows. But the coolest show in my memory is the first show of the Resistance tour in Tilburg in this club called “013”. We had to open the night and the whole place was packed already. One word AWESOME…

Any funny/scary/weird tour stories?!
There is one extremely funny story that happened during our last tour in Spain. But it was kinda embarrassing 😉

In a humorous way, describe the difference between metal and hardcore?
In metal there’s way more hair involved, uglier dudes, more beer… In hardcore there’s less hair, better looking people, better lyrics, better clothes, better tattoos.

Are any of you in other bands?
The only person whom is doing stuff besides Born From Pain is Pieter. He’s doing loads of stuff. Punk, emo, hip hop… That dude loves everything as long as he can show his musical capacities… I forgot the names of his projects though…

Whats the last record you listened to! – was it any good?
I just got home from this friend of mine and he played some hip hop tunes for me. The thing we listened to was “Lootpack” really good hiphop. The thing before that was the latest Boxcutter demo. I love that shit… Before that it was Black Sabbath “Past Lives” a reissue of their “Live at last” with extra songs on double CD format.

Anyone in the band straight edge or Vegan?
Yep there are people who are straight edge, vegan, vegetarian but that is of no importance to this band. It’s a personal thing, to each his or her own.

Are Born from Pain just playing hardcore, or do you have a message/goal?
Well I strongly believe that the lyrics are of the same importance as the music. Our lyrics are about everyday stuff from personal problems to socially aware topics. Everything that goes on inside a persons head.
If we have a message then that would be :you yourself are responsible for your own life. If you have problems face them (face your inner demons) fight them and overcome.

What are your oppinions on the War in Iraq?
It’s all about money and power. bush and his new world order are just as terrorist as the Taliban. You cannot just bomb people! Get Saddam,
but not the people. There are innocent men, women, and children dying and no one gives a shit!

Can we expect you back in Ireland on your next tour?
Not on our next one but I hope our tour with Stampin’Ground will take us back over there after summer! It was ace!

You just played the European Hardcore Party, how did that go, and how was Blood for Blood?!
The show was great I think we convinced everyone there that we’re still at it. That we’re still doing our thing, and that we’re still loving it!!!
Same goes for Blood For Blood, they’re still doing their thing, and working hard for it. I was a great show.

Thanks for the interview, the final words are yours….
Thank you for the interview check out or latest CD “Sands of Time” out now. Be on the lookout for us, we’ll be coming back to Ireland. Thanks for your time!!!


Upcoming shows:
Born From Pain & More Cherbourg (FR) 07 June 03
Born From Pain & L’Esprit Du Clan & more Cambrai (FR) 14 June 03 BetiZFest
Born From Pain & Madball Haarlem (NL) – Patronaat 20 June 03
Born From Pain & More Bützow (DE) 21 June 03 Devils Hardcore Night
Born From Pain & Madball Maastricht (NL) – Festival 22 June 03
Born From Pain & Madball Weinheim (DE) – Café Central 23 June 03
Born From Pain & Madball Freiburg (DE) – Cafe Atlantic 24 June 03
Born From Pain & Madball Geneva (CH) – Cabaret L´Usine 25 June 03
Born From Pain & Madball Cesna (IT) – Vidia Club 26 June 03
Born From Pain & Madball Lindau (DE) – Club Vaudeville 27 June 03
Born From Pain & Madball, Discipline, Peter Pan Speedrock & more Bergeyck (NL) 28 June 03 Bergeyck Open Air
Born From Pain & Madball, freebase, do or die, angel crew, kickback, misconduct, darksoul, sick of it all, ignite, Youth Of Today, Candiria, shutdown & more Nantes (FR) 29 June 03 Fury Fest
Born From Pain & Madball Nottingham (UK) – Rock City 30 June 03
Born From Pain & Madball Manchester (UK) – Jillys Rockworld 01 July 03
Born From Pain & Madball Bristol (UK) – Station 02 July 03
Born From Pain & Madball London (UK) – Garage 03 July 03
Born From Pain & Madball Blieskastel (DE) – P-Werk 04 July 03
Born From Pain & More Roitschjora (DE) 05 July 03 With Full Force Festival
Born From Pain & Madball Viena (AU) – Szene 07 July 03
Born From Pain & Madball Koblenz (DE) – Suppkultur 08 July 03
Born From Pain & Madball Oberhausen (DE) – Zentrum Altenberg 09 July 03
Born From Pain & Madball Kassel-Immenhausen (DE) – Akku 10 July 03
Born From Pain & Madball Münster (DE) 11 July 03 Monster HC Party
Born From Pain & Madball Rock Herk Festival (BE) 12 July 03
Born From Pain & Madball Dour (BE) 12 July 03 Dour Festival
Born From Pain & More Bladel (NL) – Pazzop 21 September 03
Born From Pain & Inborn Affection & Strike First Meddo (NL)- Elbekurkie 18 October 03

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