Born from Pain

Born from Pain are one HT’s favourite bands, we last talked to them in 2003. They have their own tour coming up and a new album on the way, “In Love With The End”. Heres what Karl had to say about whats going on with the band.
The last time we talked to you was early 2003 (a while after your tour with Hatebreed). What have you been up to since then – you signed to a new label, any line up changes, etc…….
Wow, it’s been quite a long time and we’ve been so damn busy. Naturally we’ve been touring like idiots since then and did the Resistance Tour straight after that tour with Hatebreed which also included Hatebreed, Biohazard, AF etc. We’ve toured with Madball, been to the USA and toured with Terror, The Promise and Shattered Realm as well as dates with Internal Affairs, toured Japan, done our own headlining tours and shows all across Europe and played most of the major European festivals such as With Full Force, Furyfest, Dour and many more. Other than the touring side of things though we released the last album Sands Of Time in April of 2003 which has sold very well and has been critically acclaimed throughout the world, which helped lead to more interest from bigger labels. After having a couple of different options we signed a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records, who will be releasing our new album titled “In Love With The End” on April 18th in Europe and April 19th in the States. Other than that we have a new drummer called Roel who joined the band in late August / early September and he’s fitting in very nicely. He’s had a particularly busy time as he had to learn 13 or 14 songs that we play live and also help with writing the new album. Life has been busy, but that’s how we like it so all is good.

What can we expect from your upcoming album “In Love With The End” ?
You can expect an absolutely crushing album that mixes Metal and Hardcore to new levels of devastation. I’m 100% happy with the outcome of “in Love With The End” and whenever I hear it or think about it I just feel very satisfied that we’ve managed to create something which is as heavy as it is. The album is very much Born From Pain, but there are definitely some new ideas and influences creeping in there. To me, the new album is a huge step forward from both of our previous albums, Reclaiming The Crown and Sands Of Time. It definitely has references to both of those albums in there music and lyric wise, but there are new elements that make it stand out even more than those albums. To put it bluntly, you can expect a very heavy album with hooks all over the place. I don’t think anybody will be disappointed when hearing it.

Did Tue Madsen @ Antfarm to the honours again? How busy is that guy?!!

Yep, Tue did the honours again, which we were very happy about, because he did a great job with Sands Of Time and the re-mix and re-master of Reclaiming The Crown. Apart from the fact that Tue is very skilled, he’s also really great to work with. He’s very relaxed, very open to ideas, honest and fun. He is however, very very busy and is in constant demand which is why we had to book studio time with him a year in advance. I think it was that long. He’s worked with a lot of big bands such as The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn, Cataract, Ektomorf, Die Apokalytischen Reiter, but also continues to work with bands that aren’t as well known. I think when we come to do our next album he’ll be even bigger and better known, so we might as well just book him now to work with in 2 years time hahaha.

Its great to see you putting your stuff out on vinyl, are you vinyl lovers?!

Yeah, we’re totally siked to be putting everything out on vinyl and especially more so that we can do it as a box-set and make it all very special with interesting packaging and as picture discs etc. I think 2 or 3 of us like having vinyl for sure, but these days I only really buy it when it’s something special. I’m still more of a CD person since that’s the format I use and my record player is still back home in the UK. To me, vinyl is something to have that is a little more collectable these days and more as a trophy say. I don’t really play it that much, but its always cool to have.

You’ve a tour coming up including 3 dates in Ireland – who will you be playing with and where else are you playing?

Yeah, we’re gonna be on tour pretty much for all of 2005 and I expect the majority of 2006 too, which is awesome. I love touring. As for the Irish dates, we’ll be playing three shows at the end of June, start of July, after we’ve done 7 or 8 dates in England and Scotland. I’m not exactly sure where we’re playing in Ireland yet, as they’re still to be confirmed, but from what I understand and this isn’t 100% confirmed yet, but we’ll be playing in Dublin, Cork and Limerick and I think the dates will be the 30th June and 1st and 2nd July. But like I say, these aren’t confirmed yet for sure, so I’m not totally clued up, but as soon as I know, you’ll hear about it. We’re really looking forward to coming back to Ireland though as we had such a great time there when we were over with Hatebreed. I’m not sure who we’ll be playing with as of yet. As far as I’m aware we’ll be headlining, and I have no idea about supports as of yet so we’ll see……

Wheres been your favourite place/country to play?

Wow, that’s a really really tough question, because we’ve had so many amazing shows all over the world. I’m not sure I could answer that without leaving anywhere out to be honest, but I always love playing in Poland and East Germany and Greece and Bulgaria was unreal. Furyfest in France last year was just like a nuclear explosion, one of the most intense and amazing shows I’ve ever played. Japan was also crazy and lot of fun. The shows we did in the States were also great fun and we had awesome responses. Shows in Holland and Belgium are always fun and whenever we play London its just pure carnage. I really enjoyed playing in Ireland and the shows in Dublin and Limerick were particularly fun. Spain is always great too. They really appreciate bands making the effort to come to the south of Europe. We’ve had some great shows in France too. Scandinavia is also great and the kids go nuts up there. Like I said, it’s very hard just to pinpoint one place hahaha. Crowds have been great to us all over the world so it’s kind of an impossible question to answer really.

Karl, how do you split your time between GSR and BFP? Is Theo a good “boss”?!

Basically, I work whenever I’m at home, so I guess that would mean BFP takes precedence for me. It’s a very good situation I have because I have no trouble whatsoever getting whatever time I need for the band, whether it be for touring, recording, whatever. I still manage to do GSR work on the road though, so it works out pretty good. Theo is a great person to work for in all respects and a good friend too.

What have you been listening to lately?

Well right now I’m listening to the Greatest Hits of Bruce Springsteen, but things I’m listening to at the moment are Metallica, always Metallica haha. Unearth, Killswitch Engage, Crowbar, Down, Zero Mentality, Rise & Fall, God Forbid, Earth Crisis, Black Label Society, Path Of No Return, Tears For Fears, Chimaira, Fear Factory. I always have my Discman on me and a wallet of around 30 CDs, which contain a mixture of Metal, HC and 80’s pop.

Tell the readers 5 facts about the band/members know one really knows!

Hmmm, this is quite tough without letting the cat out of the bag, but I’ll give it a shot.
Che – Vocals – Che was named after Che Guevara, which is probably something people can work out for themselves.
Rob – Bass – Rob is Dutch, but lives in Germany. He’s also a huge Iron Maiden fan.
Stefan – Guitar – Used to compete at a very high level in the Triathlon event. I think he might have even competed at international level once, but I’m not sure about that. I remember him telling me some stuff about it a while ago ha.
Roel – Drums – I don’t know Roel too well, but something most people won’t know from looking at him is that he used to have long hair when he was like 15. He looked like he should have been in a Florida Death Metal band.
Me – Guitar – Something most people don’t realise, although I know you know, is that I’m actually English and not Dutch. Not too much of a big secret or interesting fact, but a lot of people aren’t aware of it.
That is definitely very tough without letting secrets out haha

If you were writing a live review about Born from Pain, what would you say?!

Hahaha, this is also kinda hard to answer, but it’d probably say something along the lines that the sound is crushing, the energy on stage is intense and the pit is a mass of bodies going crazy and that everybody who came to the show had an awesome time.

When we last interviewed you the “war”/invasion in Iraq had just started, two years on what are your opinions on it and Bush?

Well, I’ll be honest, I’m not the most politically motivated person, but to me the war in Iraq is just a waste of human life, time, effort, money etc. Sure there are things that probably need to be addressed over there, but think about all the innocent people that have died because of it, or all the soldiers, both allied forces and Iraqi that have died needlessly. It just seems so much of a waste of life, time, money and resources. Think of all the money that’s been spent over there in the past 2 years, which could have done so much more good in other ways. I’ve never been a fan of war, and especially since I’ve visited places like Auschwitz and Hiroshima. It definitely gives you a little more of a different perspective on things going to places like that. At the end of the day though, we don’t really know what happens out there or what has been said behind closed doors, but to me there has to be another way to sort things out, but it’s all about control really. Everybody wants it in some way. As for Bush, well, I was very disappointed that he got re-elected, but it wasn’t a shock to me whatsoever. Hopefully he’ll seize his opportunity to do something better with the extra 4 years he has and do some good with it and be remembered for that, rather than the first 4 years, but I have my doubts.

Thanks again for the interview, the final words are yours….

Thanks very much for the interview and the continued support you give the band. It’ll be nice to see you again at the back end of June and to anybody that’s reading, pick up “In Love With The End” out April 18th and come to one of the shows. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for the support.

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