Bobby Hambel (Biohazard)

Bobby Hambel born and raised in Brooklyn New York and one of the founding members of NYHC band Biohazard. His insane guitar work fueled the mayhem of records titled “Urban Discipline” on Road Runner Records and “State of the World Address” on Warner Brothers plus the self titled “Bi*hazard” on Maze Records. He broke new ground when he recorded Tales from the hard side and crossed up hip hop with hard core with famed Onyx for the motion picture Judgement Night. He left the band in the mid to late 90’s for reasons that still remain a mystery.

He soon started working with other hard core friends like The Cromags in a band called The White Devil who played the world famous Dynamo festival with only a demo. For years now the fans still remember and ask where is Bobby Hambel? Where is the rage, angst and heart & soul that once fueled a band that could not be denied! No matter how hard you try you can not erase him! You can’t keep the Hand ball down! He’ll always bounce right back in your face! He is back and hes got alot a to play.

Bobby is currently recording his first solo record since leaving the music industry. I hope your all down for it cause Bobby’s down for….well you know.

What have you been up to from the time you left Biohazard to now?

I’ve been living on the side lines so to speak, waiting for the right time to make my music again. Life sucks for me when I’m not playing! Now! It’s time and I’m due!

So you have a solo album coming out soon. Can we expect it to be like anything you did while you were doing Biohazard? If not what sound can we expect? 

You can definitely expect a similarity in guitar tone and playing style. My sound comes from inside and I’m still the same mutha fucka’. Besides that, I still have the same gear. It’s Heavy, Hard, Loud, True shit that deals with dark reality of my life and the world I see. I gotta let it out some how.

The first recording sessions should be called “PUKE” or some shit like that! It’s been so Fuckin’ long, I’m gonna get in the studio and bBBLA#AG#!$@#HH&!**#HRR!!! You know? I feel like I’m going to explode! It should be pretty disgusting.

What will the album be called?

I don’t know yet,I’ll name it when It’s born.

What do the lyrics deal with?
The lyrics I write deal with issues that hold a negative presence in my life. That’s how it’s been going for a while but I can’t predict what I’ll put down in the future.

Have you got a label for it?
I can’t really say anything at this moment but It will be released A.S.A.P.

Most importantly, will you be touring it and where? Will you be taking anyone with you as support?
Fuck yeah!! I can’t wait! Every place we can! For me, It’s all about touring, playing live, living it and traveling! I love it! Like I said about the recording, same goes for the shows! “PUKE”!!! I can’t tell you just how many great bands there are that I would be honored to play with! I hope we get to play with bands I’ve toured with before, that would mean alot. We’ll see…

Who will be doing the album with you, surely its not a solo solo album?!
I don’t like the sound of that “solo album”. I have some cool musicians that will be on it, I can’t say who yet. At this point, it’s my music and lyrics, I put it all together on my own, it’s my fuckin’ project! But it will grow from here and I am totally open to co-writing with the right people in the future. I gotta do what I gotta do.

When can we expect some longer previews on your myspace page?!
Yes! Yeah, that my space shit is a trip huh? I hooked up with people that I haven’t seen in years and that’s cool. I see alot of bands networking and that’s cool. But I also hear about these MUTHA’ FUCKIN’ LOW LIFE SCUMBAGS that are preying on women and childeren on that “my space” shit!!! It makes me feel like shit that I am using something for a promotional tool that has been used by animals like that for these horrible crimes. There is nothing lower to me than that!!!! If getting rid of it will save some one, I say get rid of it. If it is here to stay, we should promote awareness.WATCH YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to your Biohazard days….. Around the time of ‘State of the World Address’ it seemed that Biohazard were set for a big breakthrough, even MTV (Headbangers Ball) did reports on the making of the album. Did that breakthrough happen and how do you feel about that album now?
I don’t know, We were just trying to make a record. Just like I’m doing now. I’m proud of the words and music that I contributed to all of those records. Just like I am now.

What is your favourite Biohazard album and best Biohazard memory?
Each album was a great experience, the tours that followed etc. I have so many great memories, bad ones too. Let me just say that I’ve shared the stage with some great bands, met some great people and I’m looking forward to any opportunity to do it all again!!!!!!!!! DIMEBAG DARRELL r.i.p.

You spent some time in White Devil, did a European tour. It must have mad to play a festival as big as Dynamo with only a demo? How was that? And are WD still doing anything?
I’ve played the Dynamo Festival three times and each time was sick! I love big crowds like that! I don’t want to discuss WD’s business but I wish them all the best!

Who would you really like to work with?
That’s a good fuckin’ question!!!! I’ll have to think about that.

Has your taste in music changed over the years?
No, I love music.

Thanks for the interview Bobby, the last words are yours…
I want to say thanks to the people who remember what I did in the past and give a fuck that I’m still breathing. Thanx for this!!!!
Bobby Hambel

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