BANE’s new album “The Note” is out now on Equal Vision Records, they are currently touring the UK, Joe grabbed vocalist Aaron Bedard for a short interrogation….

Those who don’t know‚ a quick history of who and what Bane is.
Aaron Bedard: Bane started around 10 years ago in 1995‚started as a side project of couple guys of Converge who wanted to do something different, something more based on having fun and spirited. Aaron Dalbec (guitarist) started getting members together and Bane was born! 1995 recorded a demo and played a few shows. We lost our drummer and so had to find a replacement as well as other line up changes. We don’t consider ourselves as veterans of HC at all‚ hardcore is still so fresh and getting off the plane in Europe was still exciting.

How’s the tour gone so far?
Aaron Bedard: It’s been great so far‚ played Germany, Belgium and Scotland and got a very good response. The Germany show was much better then expected with shows there being very hit or miss.

Bane are one of the biggest bands in HC now, with you getting a kind of rap from HC kids etc. whilst others seem to really respect how you’ve stayed the same for what seems forever‚ how do you feel about this?
Aaron Bedard: I can’t get involved with these kids who feel they need to be opinionated about us when they have no idea how hard we’ve worked and what we’ve been through‚ they were never for there for our first shows and there are so many younger bands that kids feel they’re connected to and I don’t want to take that away from kids but we’ve stayed the same and are still the original Bane with the same sound and attitude. For me it isn’t hardcore to not say something about someone behind their back on a computer rather then say it to their face. I feel we are now vindicated now as some people dislike us!

What stuff you listening to now‚ demos etc?
Aaron Bedard: Sinking Ships, Shook Ones with their kid dynamite/lifetime sound, This Is Hell‚ who I’ve heard plenty about but only recently got the chance to check out and was blown away by them! Band from Caroline called… (Long pause as he can’t remember their name‚) Ruiner!! They’re awesome and Have Heart too. (Conversation goes off into discussing My Luck‚)

How do you feel about the new album? How comes it took you so long to do something? What message did you want to say with the album?
Aaron Bedard: We toured a lot, got on the road and stayed on the road. We lost our drummer and that was very hard‚ we had to find a new drummer and get him to learn all the songs.

Dalbec is in Only Crime and he wanted to do that plus others are in other side projects and so 2004 was a year for that all to happen and for any side projects to record and tour and although it may have ‚Äúhurt‚Äù us a bit we decided for 2005 to be our year‚ the year for Bane and we were worried kids would have forgotten us but that doesn’t seem to have been the case at all. We think it’s important for other members to do their side projects if they want to do it.

Usually the message becomes obvious once I step back and look at the lyrics and the picture becomes clear. People thought ‚’Give Blood’ was an album about being in a touring band when it was really individual songs that I felt like writing at the time‚ and it was only after it had been written and I looked at it and said ‚’wow’ that was what was running through my life and a lot of ‚’Give Blood’ was about touring. I saw how people would get that idea. ‚’The Note’ turned out to be about how times change and you can’t stop the tide of change and no matter how badly you want to you can’t stop it.

If you’ve heard about the Tony Hawks album‚ bands like My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy and Senses Fail playing/ruining 80s HC songs‚ what do you think of this? Is it a generation cashing in on what was already there?
Aaron Bedard: It’s a strange right now‚ in the states there’s a lot of old bands getting back together and HC that’s been underground and under the radar for so long is now marketable. I don’t know what peoples own agendas are but it seems kinda coincidental that lots of people are getting back together although it’s not for me to judge. I’ve seen plenty of them and the only one that’s impressed me was the Underdog reunion‚it really blew me away!! It seems people who gave up and stopped caring about HC have decided to become back into it.

What was Bane’s first show? Can you remember who and where you played with?
Aaron Bedard: Played in our home town of Worcester, Massachusetts in a little club called the Espresso Bar‚we played with Converge, Cast Iron Heights, and Landslide. We opened‚we had recorded the demo about 3 months earlier and it was awesome to see kids knowing the words to the songs on the demo and the reaction we got.

Straight edge was always going to come up‚ are Bane an edge band? What does Straight Edge mean to you?
Aaron Bedard: In the beginning we definitely started off as a SxE band‚ we were younger and back then it was very important to us. I’ve been edge for a long time now but I’ve always wanted to remove any barriers in hardcore‚ I didn’t want the none-SxE kids to not be able to be part of Bane and feel excluded. And even when we stopped being an ‚Äúedge band‚Äù people did stop liking us which seems dumb! When our drummer broke edge we had to make a decision as to whether we were going to continue. And this was important‚a band like In My Eyes were a SxE band, that was their mission statement‚ for Bane we’re a hardcore band‚ that’s our motivation and that’s what we cared most about above anything else. It was hard when he broke his edge but it kinda woke us up. Still 4 of the Bane guys don’t drink or do drugs or smoke but don’t feel the need to label themselves SxE with the current association with crap people who stay at home and talk shit on the internet and worry about what they look like. For me SxE is very personal and what it is for me is different for you. We could go out now (points to venue room) and line up all the SxE kids and in 3 years half of them wouldn’t be edge anymore! I can’t get caught up in anyone else’s agenda.

What is ‚ ‘One for the boys’ all about? I’m guessing its gambling but anything in particular?
Aaron Bedard: Yeah it is! I feel a fucked up when writing that song, I’m a huge poker player and fan and after writing ‚’Ante Up’ (which, if you were a poker player would understand it the poker terms used in it). We wrote ‚’Ante Up’ which had a few poker references in it so I thought it’d be fun to make a whole song out of poker‚ the breakdown of dealing a hand at poker‚ how you can beat your opponent. It is written for me and my friends who go to the casino or at home and we’re brainstorming about poker‚ how to win and different strategies. Poker pretty much takes up 60% of my life!

Marcus: what’s the most you won?
Aaron Bedard: $16000

Marcus: and lost?
Aaron Bedard: $1900‚ but I keep careful records of how much I’ve spent, won and lost and at the end of the month I tally it up and so far I’ve kept winning more every month so it’s not bad! The point is I wrote that song for fun but playing it live I felt funny as the lyrics for Bane I take very seriously‚it’s my contribution, playing it live I felt I had wasted a song. I fear this if this is our last record and I may have wasted the opportunity to say something more serious as there are plenty more things that I want to say.

‘Wasted Young’ has the line, it’s like having your mom pick out your clothes for you‚ when was the last time your mums got you some new threads?
Aaron Bedard: My mum past away in 1992 but she would buy all my clothes when I was a kid and she told me what I had to wear to school. And that mentality is around now‚ people feel they’re told about what to wear, what colour shirts to wear and it’s fucked up! What I don’t understand are kids who pay loads for old shirts etc on eBay for silly amounts of money when you can get a bane shirt for $10‚ why pay more just because you’re so insecure! You don’t have to pay more just to fit into this silly little community we all seem part of but we love to be part of!

Nike dunks vs. Vans Old School?
Aaron Bedard: Dunks‚every time!

Marvel vs. DC?
Aaron Bedard: Marvel as it has Daredevil! But I’m really into Vertigo stuff‚’Sandman’, ‚’Preacher’ and ‚’Supreme Power’! (Aaron was very insistent that I should pick up ‚’Supreme Power’…)

Demo Tape vs. Demo CD?
Aaron Bedard: Tape!! I understand CD is cheaper and easier to make but a tape‚ya know?! It’s a TAPE! I love technology, I love my MP3 player but I think back to when we all sat in the living room making the Bane demos on cassette and it means something more!

(Conversation drifts off onto what records we want‚!)

Catch them on the rest of their tour….
11/07 Holland Arnhem Goudvishal 7:00pm
11/08 Germany Bremen Wehrschloss 7:00pm
11/09 Sweden Linkoping Skylten 7:00pm
11/10 Denmark TBA 7:00pm
11/11 Germany Berlin Magnet 7:00pm
11/12 Germany Leipzig Conne Island 7:00pm
11/13 Austria Vienna Arena 7:00pm
11/14 Hungary Budapest Kultiplex 7:00pm
11/15 Germany München Backstage 7:00pm
11/16 Switzerland Wil Remise

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