Backfire! come from Maastricht, Netherlands, and are one of Europe’s longest running hardcore bands. Even through tough times like their drummer Richard sadly taking his own life, and the general hardships of balancing a band, work and family they have still remained at the forefront of the euro scene. 2008 seems them return as a five piece (adding Dave from Angel Crew) and with a new album “In Harms Way”, brought out on GSR Music and plenty of touring to follow later in the year. Guitarist Wyb took some time out to update us on all things Backfire!

Firstly, welcome back so to speak, the new album is killer. So why the long gap between “Change the Game” and “In Harm’s Way”? Were you still playing hows or were you on a break?
We were still playing a lot of shows but not in Holland mainly spain and Portugal,and the rest of the band was busy with our sideproject angel crew.

“In Harm’s Way” is a great return to come back with. Whats the inspiration behind it and whats the meaning of the title?
We had enough time to write new songs and some of us went to a terrible time in our lives and we could not stay out of harms way,so the title fits our lives the past few years.From drug problems,familie dying,being lied to and our singer Pat had a daughter last year and she is mentally and Fysicly challenged.The lyrics are mostly about that period in our lives.

You have added a fifth member – Dave from Anglecrew, on second guitar, did he bring the more metallic edges to the CD?
Yes he does, this is his first album with BF and he did a great job.we try not to get to much metal in to our music but i think we have a nice balance now. Dont you? Absolutely, its a great album

What was it like being back in the studio? All go smoothly? Igor produced, has he done other stuff?
We recorded it in Maastricht our home town,so that was really relaxed and special.Igor just started as a producer but he did the last angel crew record and that record sounds really good.We are happy to know he can make us sounds like we wanna sound and we will only work with him in the future.

I know Backfire isn’t full time, what do you guys have to do away from the band to pay the bills? Would you like if all hardcore bands could make a living out of it, or are you happy with it as it is?
My dream is to make a living with my music but only a few hardcore bands get that chance.I work with little kids with the down syndrome and the rest of the band just works to get the bills paid at different jobs. Maybe some day…..

Do you think the hardcore scene has become watered down, not what it was? A place where style is more important than the music/scene – given all the emo-screamo-haircut bands that get on “music tv”, and all the really great stuff gets ignored?
If people get into hard music by pussy bands like fall out boy and all that crap it´s fine with me. Someday they will learn where this kind of music finds his roots and what real punk is about.If not they are fake anyway and will listen to DJ jean next year so its a win win situation if you ask me,but to answer your question,i´ve stopped giving a shit.We see every weekend that hardcore is still alive all over europe and last month we+ve played the superbowl of hardcore in NYC and that was CRAZY.That took away all my doubt.

You are one of the longest running euro bands even through tough times, whats your secret for staying together and keeping it going?
The love for what we do,the kids that still go crazy at shows and our dedication for what we´ve accomplished throughout the years.

What would you consider Backfires best moment over the years (say an album, show, or tour)?
The new album,the WFF festival last year and lost and lots of shows the last couple of years.

Do you guys have any strange or humorous stories of things that have happened while you’ve been on tour that you’d care to share with us?
Plenty, but what happends on tour stays on tour 😉 next year we will release a dvd with 2 hours of funny and fucked up backstage moments,be sure you´ll get a copie of that one, its crazy.

You’re playing with another legendary band next week – Rykers – at “The European Hardcore Reunion 2”. Are you looking forward to that?
Yes its sold out allready and thats gonna be a trip down memory lane for the bands aswell as the crowd.

So what touring is planned for the rest of 2008?
A lot of shows all over europe,2 tours and some cool festivals.Next year the dvd and a new album.We´re not stopping this yet.

And what are the chances of you playing Ireland?! Thanks for the interview lads, hopefully we’ll see you live sometime.
I really hope so,we´ve just played there once with madball some years ago and we would love to go back there,keep your eyes on our showlist : 

Thanks for the interview, hope to see you soon!

Wyb backfire!

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