Knuckledust are a hardcore band from London, {Pierre – vocals, Wema – guitar, Nick – Bass and Ray – Drums}. They have been knocking around since 1996.  They played the Rosetta Bar, Belfast on a cold December night, Karol cornered Pierre for a few questions before he hit the stage.

Its good to see you guys over here, so how you been keeping ?
Yeah, we’re doing alright mate, happy to be here, like I say its our first time over here, a dream come true.

For those not familiar with Knuckledust tell us a little bit about yourselves ?
We?re based in London and have been togthere since 1996, just really been playing as much as we can since then really, put out a couple of CD?s – just enjoying ourselves.

What made you want to be in a Hardcore band ?

At the time there wasn’t much going on in London, and luckily I bumped in to the rest of the guys and we just got on really well, started playing music and went on from there really.

The UKHC scene seems to be about unity, do you find this ?

I think at the moment the scene in the UK is really supportive to itself and to other people that are helping out – its really positive and its definitely a good thing. As long as the attitude stays positive. You get some people moaning saying, this bands that, but its just jealousy at the end of the day, but theres no real problem.

Do you remember your first show ?
Yeah, it was quite funny actually. We played with Stampin? Ground, Effelesse and Veminance – both from London. It was a cool venue. The Long Tree in Camden, a really small place. A good number of kids turned out. It was a bit of a scary time though, first time playing live, I was like, ooohhh what are you meant to do, but it was cool.
How much of a part in your life does the music play ?
A quite large part, it helps me to see some of the world and make so many good friends through it, that I couldn?t give it up, you know what I mean. It keeps me occupied and out of trouble.

Who were the bands that influenced you in the first place ?

Definitely bands like Warzone, Agnostic Front, mainly because of the message and style of music they were playing. Bands like 25 Ta Life, Sheer Terror, I mean all old-school bands.
Have you played much outside of the UK ?
Not as much as we?d like to, but lately we?ve been getiing more opportunities and that. Its hard because of work and other commitments.

What label are you currently on ?

Not as much as we?d like to, but lately we?ve been getiing more opportunities and that. Its hard because of work and other commitments.

What label are you currently on ?
We don?t really have any plansbut it looks like the CD is going to be coming out on Blackfish Records, a split with ourselves, Rucktion Recs., and hopefully that?ll be a 10 song CD. It should be out by February if we can sort ourselves out.

How did the split with Indecision work out ?

I?m not too sure to this day actually, cause when Indecision did their first tour of the UK, I basically went around with themand got to know them and they just askedus if we wanted to do a split. Lil (Household Name Recs.) sais he?ll put it out, and work it all out. We were very happy to have the opportunity to release with such a good band that we respect.

What inspire you to write your lyrics ?
Mainly personal experiences, things that bother me, shit I?ve been through. I write the majority of the lyrics, but Nicky writes some too.

What are your plans for 2000 ?

To go on playing shows and put out this CD by February, its about time and hopefully come back to Ireland, we want to hook that up – definitely.

Any hellos ?

Thanks for your support, and cheers

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