D.S.F.A. come from Antrim, Northern Ireland. They comprise of ex member of metal(core) Dissent and metal thrashers Emaciate. They play great metallic hardcore. They haven’t been together long but have already played with the likes of Ensign and Knuckledust. They went into the studio recently to record some tracks, some to be put out on a split CD with Wicklow’s 2000 Strong, and the rest for a possible other split or EP.

They just have to be seen live, Paul (Dissent) having dropped the guitar to take over vocal duties and he’ll just blow you awa with his intense vocal style, as will the music the band play. We had a chat with Jason about what they’re about and what’s planned…..

Who’s in D.S.F.A., how long you been together?
D.S.F.A. are the following selection of misfits, Paul – vocals, Ryan – guitar, Ricky – guitar, Charlie – bass and myself (Jason) – drums. We’ve been together since Sept. ’99, we’ve all been in various bands before, Paul and Ryan had ‘Dissent’ for a few years, Ricky and myself had ‘Emaciate’, and Charlie and myself had the infamous gore death metal ‘Putrefy’ which had Charlie on vocals previously known as Chuck.

Paul, Ryan, Ricky and myself got together as our bands at the time weren’t working out, so we decided to get something sorted as we all wanted the same type of band music wise etc. So just started rehearsing as much as possible and got straight into writing material and everything resulted in D.S.F.A., which is doing better than we expected in such a short time of being together.

What’s the current mood of the band?

Everything’s fine at the moment, we’re all focused on up coming commitments with the band, gigs, etc, at the end of the day we wanna play good brutal H/C and have fun etc, enjoy ourselves as a lot of bands dwell too much on being too serious most of the time.

You haven’t been together long, have you got to play much?

Yeah, we’ve played quite a few gigs since forming, we played our first gig six weeks after getting together which resulted in 100% madness, gear being knocked over, people getting fucked up etc. We’ve played Belfast a few times which was OK, quite a healthy response as well even though the crowd are boring fuckups which would rather get pissed (not that I condone it) than get up on the floor and support the bands, but that’ll change. We also did two of the Irish dates of the ‘Ensign’ tour in November, which also included ‘Endstand’ from Finland (wassup Janne) and local hardcore heroes ‘2000 Strong’.

They were cool gigs and it was also our first gig in Dublin, which I thought we went down very well. We did the Knuckledust show in Belfast in December which gave us the chance to play with ‘2000 Strong’ again, it was a good gig apart from the lousy crowd, it was good to play with two of the coolest bands in the scene.
You recorded some tracks recently – are you happy with how that went, are you going to release them?
We’re very happy with the tracks we recorded, we recorded eight in all, we had some problems in the studio as one of the ADAT machines shit itself, which resulted in seven hours being wasted getting it fixed etc, which didn’t happen. We finally started getting the guitars put down at 2 o’clock in the morning and finishing at 6 o’clock. Paul went back and put down vocals another time which I also layed down backing vocals on ‘Tyranny (As A) Virtue’.

Then when we were mixing the tracks the computer crashed so Paul went back to the studio another day to finish the mix, which I can say was finally done that day, we’re really chuffed with the production etc.  Three of the tracks are going on a split with ‘2000 Strong’ which should be released ASAP, we’re also releasing a demo in the near future titled “7”. We’re gearing up for the next release which I promise you from what’s been written so far will fucking tear strips of you, 100% brutality I promise you.

Is there much going on up in Antrim in the HXC/punk scene?

No there’s not that much really up here. There’s Consume, Breakfall, Abattoir, Psycho Tribe, Shakedown, that’s about all who’s doing something or what ever. There’s the usual shite indie bands, cheesy metal bands, poncy rock bands, there’s probably more decent bands that I’ve not come across yet.

Does everyone in the band contribute to writing the music / lyrics or is it down to one or two?

Everybody contributes what they can towards the music. Paul would basically come up with a riff or two and we would help to arrange whatever we’ve got, we all put in ideas towards structures etc. We just work at it and see what develops, if its good we use it and if its shit we don’t, that’s basically it.

What are your plans for 2000?

We hope to release the split CD very soon, release the demo, our merchandise will be available soon, (it’ll most likely be out by the time this goes to print – look out for it people!!) we’re playing on the Irish dates with ‘Freebase’ and ‘Labrat’ which should last 2 weeks or so, should be a mighty time to be had by all. We plan to get back in the studio in the summer to record new shit for a split with ‘Method of Murder’ from England to be released on ‘Black Custard Recs.’ On my good friends – Dick Barton – label (fuckin murder core), we’ll be touring Ireland in August to promote the release with ‘Method of Murder’.

We should also be touring the UK with ‘MoM’ in 2001 but that’s a long way away. We’ll also be donating a track for ‘Fuck the North South Divide Vol. 2’ CD on Hideous Eye Recs.

If you could set up a HXC all-dayer, who would play?

Well, my line up would be: T.B.A.C., Drop Dead, Uncurbed, Stampin’ Ground, Unite, Doom, E.N.T., Abscess, Knuckledust, Freebase, Public Disturbance, Rykers, Nasum, Meruder, Cryptic Slaughter, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front

What bands are you listening to?

Hmm, bands I’m listening to at the moment, well here it goes, in no particular order, Doom, E.N.T., Disrupt, Dying Fetus, Los Crudos, Rykers (old), Lock Up, Deranged, Knuckledust, Hatebreed, R.D.P., Integrity, 2000 Strong, Wolfpack, Nasum, Freebase, Vital Remains, Bal Sogoth, Cryptopsy, Mortician, Carcass(old), Mayhem, G.B.H., Scald, Drop Dead, too many cool bands to mention.

What’s the best show you’ve been at?

My best show was Carcass in the Royal Court in Liverpool ’91. I know its not a H/C show but if you were there you’d agree with me. Pitchshifter supported them who were excellent, forget that techno bullshit they play now, this was the real ‘shifter, their bassist broke three top strings in succession. Carcass were amazing, playing material from the first three LP’s, they were flawless, crowd was excellent, packed venue, lots of diving, slamming, we also met the band afterwards and had a few drinks etc.

What do you do away from the band?

Paul works in an office in a factory dealing with electronics, Ryan designs for a local university, Ricky is a store person in a local franchise of clothes shops. Charlie is between jobs at the moment and I’m unable to work due to a medical condition. I haven’t worked for three years as I suffer from a fatigue syndrome. But enough about that, we all have enough to keep ourselves busy outside the band, girlfriends, wives, children, partying and general fucking about.

Anything to add?

For any info on the split CD, demo, merchandise and any info don’t hesitate to contact me. Bands, zines, distros, labels get in touch

Any hellos / thanks?

Hello and thanks to anyone / everyone who’s in contact with myself or anyone in the band, I won’t mention names as I’ve taken up enough room with this interview etc. Also a big thanx to yourself for considering & including D.S.F.A. in this cool zine, keep up the good work and show people that good things can come from this scene, its about time the Irish scene got on the map.

Thanks to Jason for doing the interview.

DSFA split up about 6 months after this interview……… Paul is now strumming for the awesome By Any Means

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